November 5, 2013

Meeting the Chief

Chipolopolo HANDS Team:

Our day began with a visit to the Education Director for the Community Schools where we received his blessing on our work in Mwase.  From there we also received the blessing from the Regional Director as well.

We hopped back on the bus and took our regular hour long trip in to the village of Mwase.  Along the way we made a stop.  We were welcomed by a very large group of people that were all “comfortably” sitting on the ground for court, waiting for their turn to be heard by the Tribe Chief.  We waited a short distance away to be invited in as well.

When it was our turn, we walked in toward the Chief Mwase and his council and were directed to sit on the mats on the ground in front of them (and in front of the entire group).  We had to sit with our legs straight out in front of us.... not all that comfy, and yet they all seemed to be able to do it without any issues!  We certainly missed a chair!  Through his “right hand man”, the Chief welcomed us (he was dressed in red and was the only one sitting in a chair).  We were taught how to properly greet the Chief so this is what we did now – claps, in unison, several times followed by “Mambo” which is honouring to him.  As we walked away we heard them laughing – apparently they were very pleased that all us women were wearing our traditional “chitenge”.  From here.... back to the job site for more work!

Our work today included separating good bricks from bad, broken bricks, back filling for the floor, plastering the already partially built walls, mixing mortar (“daka”), cement, and brick laying!  We get to move around a little from job to job to change things up a bit!  As we are working we are trying to communicate with the other workers... not always an easy job, but we are getting better!  We learn their names and language and they laugh as we try to repeat, but we are improving and it’s fun to use their words when talking with them.

It was a good day!  Everyone was ready for bed soon after dinner and Bible study!



Nov 8, 2013 at 2:03 pm

Keep the updates coming. Sounds like quite an adventure. :)

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