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Monday, May 9, 2016

Who Runs the World? - Mike! 2 comments

Our Team:

First off, I would like to wish my mother (Judy Ypma) a very Happy Mothers day

We came back to the Nehemiah Center to enjoy a nice big lunch, prepared by these two wonderful cooks who have been serving us all week.

After lunch, we traveled to the ocean, which was an hour away and close to the city of Leon. The view was spectacular and we all enjoyed caching some waves. We swam, we ate, we walked the beach...and Pastor Mike beat us in a game of President (hence the title).

Tomorrow we return to the job site to continue our work on the preschool. We have been very blessed to enjoy a few days or relaxation. Please pray that we finish strong and have the strength to complete our goal for the day.

Buenos noches!

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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 5 - Starting to Turn on Each Other (Troy Steals the Minister's Wallet) 0 comments

Our first day of "rest" has still been a very long and tiring day. The morning started off with a pancake breakfast. After that, we were joined by Nathan Boersma who gave us an informative talk on the Nicaraguan school system. It has been a very cool experience to connect personally with someone that our church supports and to hear all about what is being done in Nicaragua.

We then traveled to two private schools in Managua. We learned about the history of the schools and how God has provided for them despite many obstacles. Stopping at a local restaurant for lunch, we had time to cool down as it was a very hot day. Even the locals have said that it has been hotter than it normally is. After lunch we continued to a lookout in Managua that overlooked the whole city.

This day has really showed us how good God is! While leaving the lookout things were clouding over and started to rain a bit. No less than 5 minutes later the rain was pouring down, flooding the streets and canals. Our final stop was to a market to do some shopping. While in the market the rain was pouring so much that it knocked the power out. Since then, things have cooled down and everyone is enjoying the rain while playing cards. Tomorrow will be our cultural day. We will be traveling to Granada, learning about the culture of Nicaragua and also a possible zip-lining excursion through the jungle.

Troy and Lester at one of the schools we visited today.

classrooms are very small and usually have over 35 students in a room

Lunch time

Willy keeps on yacking!

Currently playing cards

My blogging spot. I guess you could say I have it pretty rough.

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Thursday, May 5, 2016

Rob - The Silent Killer 3 comments

Firstly, I would like to start by wishing everyone a happy Ascension Day! As another day finishes, we are all starting to really bond as a group. Currently, everyone is in groups playing cards while Willy watches a movie on his phone. Rob (nicknamed "The Silent Killer") is dominating as Dutch Blitz.

Today was our final day at the job site before we have the next three days to learn about and explore more of Nicaragua. The goal for today was to complete the concrete in the main room of the preschool. Unfortunately, the cement mixer wouldn't work and we had to start mixing it by hand. Lester wanted a mechanic to fix the mixer, but we had to settle for the next best thing - so we asked Willy! Thankfully, by lunch  time Willy had it working and from then on it was non-stop concrete pouring. We completed out goal for the day!

Rob was not only a silent killer at cards, but he's been a beast on the job site. Special props go out to Rob for consistently getting the dirtiest of us all!

Today was a very good day for connecting with some of the locals. We spent time talking with the local crew that we are working with and talking with Lester and Nilda, our translators. We are learning that it's the process that is most important, not the project. In light of that, we have been making an effort to build relationships with the construction crew and the neighbours. We have been blessed to get to know them and to see God's hand at work in this city.

Tomorrow will be our learning day as we visit the local school and learn about the work that is being done throughout Nicaragua. We would like to thank everyone for your prayers and look we forward to the rest of the trip.

Our area of work that is now filled with concrete

Mixing the concrete

Mike and I clearly working hard

Rob - The Silent Killer

Some of the ladies preparing steel beams to be painted

The cement floor is finally poured!

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Doctor Don and his patients 3 comments

Today was our first day of work on the job site. Our day started out with breakfast at 7 o'clock, then we headed off to the job site. When we arrived we were introduced to the team that we would be working with for the day. The men and women were split up into working groups: the men leveling dirt, and the women prepping steel beams for painting. Needless to say it was a very hot day, reaching a high of 39 degrees with the humidity. Don's medic skills were put into action today as Loretta cut her arm and Bryce was faint from the heat. So a big thank you goes out to Don from the rest of the team. To finish off our day at the job site we were suprised with a visit from a turantula.

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