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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Final Full Day 0 comments

Our Team:

Our time in the Dominican is coming to an end, and what an experience it has been.  On Monday and Tuesday this week we worked back at the Belen School.  Our construction addition project is truly coming along and taking shape.  During our time, we removed a holey tin roof, busted through concrete walls, framed up the forms for then new roof/ceiling and worked with rebar.  We are so happy with the progress we have made but are slightly disappointed that we won’t be able to view the finished project.

After our final work morning, we were invited into the Principal’s home to share lunch and tour both his and his mothers’ house.  Their contentment and joy with their situations are truly humbling.  We left with the knowledge that we are always welcome to return along with a few email addresses and Facebook friend requests.

We had the opportunity to visit three other Christian Reformed Schools run by the same organization this morning, along with a lunch visit at the Christian Association they are a part of.  We have been so blessed by this opportunity to serve in this capacity and thank you for your prayers and support while we were away.  We look forward to updating you this Sunday at Covenant with more stories, photos and videos from this amazing trip.

Please pray for our safe return home, as we travel and return home in the morning.

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Sunday, February 5, 2017

A day of rest…and worship 1 comment

The last couple days have brought a bit of a change of pace for us. Yesterday was a day that saw us exploring the local neighborhood around our accommodations in the morning, and then an afternoon at the beach – apparently a very popular place! With calm, shallow water thanks to the sea wall, it allowed those who were interested to go for a swim while the rest could take in the sights and sounds of the Santo Domingo beach. Our host Guillermo picked us up for the evening to take us downtown, where we could see some of the monuments built to remember the early explorers of this land, as well as what we understood to be the first Catholic church built in Latin America.

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Friday, February 3, 2017

A few days in 3 comments

Rod writing from the front lines on what could be considered a dialup internet connection from the 80’s. At this point 300bps would be welcomed.

It’s been a couple hot, sweaty, yet productive days. The concrete continues to fall as select areas of the walls and roof are removed for the renovations. Unfortunately, unlike typical cinder block walls these things are filled solid with variations of cement. Gratefully even the school kids are pitching in. In the picture, you can see Wesley stepping in to take a turn at busting out some of the solid concrete with a mini sledge. The mini sledge was the biggest of the hammers we had onsite to take down several large chunks of wall. But while being hot and sticky there was always time to get in a few games with the kids, whether it be baseball or basketball they were all eager to play the two giants. Tim is currently doing his best to round the bases, inside the small school courtyard, hoping that he doesn’t get tagged with the homemade baseball made of used drinking boxes. Not only do these kids like to play but if they don’t have what they want they make it. We see them making balls constantly out of items we would consider garbage, and then we watch as school ends and the homemade garbage kites fly about the city.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

1st day! 2 comments

After a long travel day yesterday we arrived safely in the Dominican!  

Our first morning here we were off to the worksite at Balen School.  We where greeted by the principal who warmly welcomed us. He said that with the help of the Holy Spirit we would be able to be a blessing to each other as we spend the next serveral days together.  He hoped that our language barrier would not be the tower of Babel and we could accomplish much on their building project. 

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