February 5, 2013

Some like it hot!!!!! But we're looking for shade

Calgary HANDS Team:

Today the ladies of our group went to visit a wonderful place named 'Tresures of God'.  A facility for special needs children, offering ocupational, cognitive, physical and equine (horse) therapy.  A medical team from the States was down assisting for the week, helping to anyalze and formulate therapy programs for the children.  The parents/caregivers of the kids join the children during their visit to also learn the therapy, so they in turn can continue treatment in the home.

We are amazed by all of the missionaries and organizations that we have met on this whirlwind journey.  A true inspiration to all of us.

This was without a doubt the hottest day so far, measuring 34 degrees in the shade. We have honed our rebar wire twisting skills into a fine art.  We have also manually moved over 500 blocks to the jobsite positioning them in their final resting place, aka. the new school walls.  Check out our pictures to view the progress.

On this 5th day working at the job us gringos and gringas are now being thoroughly accepted by the local kids.  They have come out of hiding to help and converse with us.

We are so happy with all that has been accomplished and looking forward to gving this job one final push on our last day.



Rose S
Feb 6, 2013 at 9:43 am

Thank you so much for the updates on your progress! It's wonderful to see the walls coming up. The special needs facility must have been something special to see!

You have made a difference in the Church/school community and in the neighbourhood - what a blessing you have been! It is easy to see that God is busy in Nicaragua.

I came home with an aching heart and a feeling of being so incredibly blessed and I pray the same for you all.

Helen O.
Feb 6, 2013 at 7:34 pm

It's so exciting to see walls going up! It's such a blessing to be there, isn't it?

We'll pray for a safe return for all of you and that your experience will have a lasting blessing on your life.

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