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Saturday, January 13, 2018

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Our Team:

Well it's come time to go home. We will all miss the Dominican so much but we also are all ready to be home. We got up at 7 for breakfast and finished our last bit of packing and getting ready to leave. Franklin couldn't drive us to the airport since he had to pick up another team from a different airport and so we had to say our goodbyes to him and Mario before we left. We thank Franklin for everything he did for us, being our translator and our driver and being so loving towards us all. We are glad we could meet him and become friends with him and we wish him the Lord's blessings in the work he continues to do for CoCref. We all got in the bus and headed out on our 3 hour drive to the airport. We stopped about halfway at a restaurant by the ocean and ate some food and got some snacks for the plane ride. It was nice to be able to sit by the ocean for one last time on such a beautiful day. It's too bad it was rainy a lot of the week and nice the day we leave but there's nothing we could do about it but be thankful for the sun when we left. When we got to the airport it was pretty busy so it's a good thing we got there really early. Once we had gone through security and everything else we sat in the foodcourt for about 3 hours till it was time to go. We all were excited for a change in food from rice and beans and pork to burgers and fries. :P We finally got on the plane at about 4:30 and were on our way back to Toronto. It was a very nice flight, smooth flying, comfy seats and tvs. We landed in Toronto at 7:30 and got through to our luggage very quickly. Unfortunately we had to wait for our luggage for 2.5 hours due to the doors on the plane freezing shut. We finally got our luggage and said our goodbyes and headed on home in the freezing weather. None of us miss the warmth that's for sure. :P We all are so thankful for the trip we could experience together. It was a blessing for all of us and we thank God for working in us to make the impact we did and for keeping us safe through our travels and the time we spent there. 


the Burlington Team of 2018

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Friday, January 12, 2018

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Today was a day full of driving. We went through the same morning routine and headed off in the bus. We went to 3 different schools today. It was nice to be able to see what Edudeo has helped accomplish over the years and it was great for those who have come more than once to see the schools they had worked on in the past and catch up with friends they had made. The last one was one run by Maria Laura and it was built to help the mentally and physically disabled children who are kicked out of the public schools due to their disability. They have I think 62 students there now and it's a very small school. The plan is to build them a bigger school in the future to accommodate for the growth of the school. After getting a tour of the school and a walk through the neighbourhood we headed off to Maria Laura's moms house for lunch. We were served a tasty stew with rice. We all sat and chatted for a few hours and left at around 2:30 to go home. Once we were home a few of us took naps while others chatted and played some games. Once it reached 6ish we all went to Guillermo's for dinner. Him and his family prepared a very good supper for us with mashed potatos and plantains, salad, pork, and dessert. After many laughs and good food we did devotions and then Guillermo and Franklin presented us all with presents from CoCref. :) They thanked us but we thank them for taking such good care of us and providing us with plenty of food and a nice place to stay and for all their hard work they do in the Dominican. We headed home and got there at about 9:30ish. A bunch of us caught up with family and friends and others just relaxed after the long day. Most people packed up all our things and got ready for the long day of travelling we've got coming.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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The same morning routine happened this morning and we ended up leaving at around 9 for our last day of work. We got to the school at about 10:30. We first played with the kids a bit and talked to the staff and when we were going to work it started to rain. The other group from Calvin Christian College in Michigan was there visiting for the morning so we sat together till the rain stopped. Once it did we all went on a tour of the surrounding area and we got to see first hand what their living conditions are really like. The houses are almost all made of wood and scrap metal and they're very small with dirt floors. There's no roads either besides the main ones and all the houses are sort of just built wherever the people felt like building. It's really quite hard for us to see since we compare it to how well off we are at home. We are so thankful for the school we are working on and the impact they are already having on these people in the area. When we were done the tour we went back for lunch and then the people from the college left. We got to work after lunch and got another wall almost done. At around 2:30 we went to one of the classrooms and the principal there Alejandrina told us about the history of the school and her own history as well. She tol dus how she used to live a very poor life just like the people in the area and she learned to fend for herself. She loved to learn and worked hard to get herself through high school and college. Once she was older she worked at a different school and felt she was being called by the Lord to work at Mujara and so she moved there and has made much progress with her work there. God has truly blessed her and her school. At around 3 we went to the eating area and the kids performed 4 dances for us. They were all done so well and with so much love. After their performances it was time for us to say goodbye; we will miss them so much. We then headed home and arrived at about 5-5:30. We took showers and had dinner. At 7 Franklin came and picked most of us up to go bowling while a few stayed home and relaxed. It was Franklin's first time bowling, or so he says, and he somehow managed to beat us all. Of course we let him win ;P We finally got back at 10:30 and we were all very tired and headed off to bed.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

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This morning we woke up once again at 7, the same way as always (Bill knocking on the door and waiting till one of us said something to stop). We went down for some breakfast which was scrambled eggs, plantains, fruit and toast. Jean and Eve weren't feeling very good today and so they stayed home and slept a lot which seemed to help them get a bit better. The rest of us headed off to work . There wasn't as much to do today since we were just building up the walls and you can't have too many people on the scaffolding at once. The girls played with the kids for a while and learned that it's really easy to have a relationship with the children but it's hard for both us and them since we can't understand each other's languages. Though we had that challenge it was still lots of fun. We had a very tasty lunch of potatoes, pork and coleslaw after which we played some games and talked to the staff and students. We got back to work and by 3:30 we were done for the day and left to go home. Most of us took naps on the way home since the sun was very hot and made everyone very tired. When we got home we took showers and Jean and Eve were feeling better so we talked with them about each other's days. We all then headed out to one of Bill's long time friends from the DR named Cynthia (Bill is actually her godfather). Franklin's GPS was wrong and we almost got lost but we made it eventually. They welcomed us so very well and made tons of food and their place looked very nice. We had so much food that we took enough home for another dinner yet. We are very thankful for Cynthia and her family and the love and hospitality they showed us. After dessert and talking for a while we left to go back home. By that time it was 10:30 and the girls all went to bed and the guys sat and talked on the balcony for a hile (which happens almost every night).

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