January 12, 2015

Day 8

Burlington 2015 HANDS Team:

Back to work. After a filling breakfast, we headed back to Renacer to continue construction. From looking at what was done, the hired contractor and his crew must have put in a full day on Saturday; the pile of rubble was gone, other concrete sections had been poured and concrete forms had been removed. We spent the morning carrying blocks to the third floor and removing rubble from the second floor; all hand work.

Today we had some opportunity to interact with the students who were back at school for the first time after Christmas break. Some were even in classrooms with open walls where construction was started to make classrooms larger. Samantha along with Andrew even took it upon themselves to teach a bit of English to a grade 7 class; lots of noise and laughter.
After a delicious lunch (chicken, mixed vegetables, rice and beans) we did some more clean up and headed for home.
Once we got back to camp, some of us got to cool off in the pool and we all had a chance to relax. Camp has a large dining hall that we used regularly to relax, check emails, play games as well as eat our meals.

Before today's dinner we were treated to a typical Dominican downpour which is even louder when it falls on a tin roof.
Dinner was again.....you guessed it, rice & beans, chicken, mixed vegetables and some fried bananas. Healthy meals everyday though we usually have variations on the same staples; may sound boring but always delicious.
After dinner we spent time in devotions in the dining hall and Bill, with his guitar, lead us in singing some songs. The rest of our evening we enjoyed each other's company playing games.


Jan 12, 2015 at 10:13 pm

Thanks for sharing your experiences.

Great job!

Many blessings!

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