March 21, 2013

Day 4

Burlington 2013 HANDS Team:

Hola!  Today was a great day at the school, and another hot one!  It was a great day of progress in building as we had 7 of the teens from Rachel’s group (from Toronto) join us on the job site.  It was great to have their company and energy!  

It was encouraging to see so much work get done on the school knowing that it will be put to use soon.  We got a lot of painting done(and much paint was also worn), and also an incredible amount of blocks were put to use in building the walls a lot higher!  The block pile looks much smaller now, and not so much like the mountain it was on the first day......but we’ve been warned that we’ll be getting another pile early next week.  Back to the drawing board!  :)  It was great to see the kids again also, and hear their laughter as they played on the one slide they have.  We definitely can learn a lot from them about being content with what we have.  Today we also experienced the art of getting coconuts down from the tree, which involved a long pole with a hook on the end of it, and they just came tumbling down!  Then Victor went into the neighbourhood to find a machete so he could cut some coconuts open for us.  The water inside was sweet and satisfying on a hot day!  It was also amusing to watch Victor and Jose hack the coconuts open for us.  Tonight all the teens from Toronto that were staying with a family here came back to join us here, and so it’s a full house here again!  :)  Tonight we are just spending time relaxing and hanging out, playing cards and enjoying each others’ company.  Of course with Guido’s grandchildren hanging out with us. 


Allen and Debbie Sadler
Mar 24, 2013 at 5:52 pm

The school looks great. I like the colours you used on the walls. Keep up the good work.You are all doing a wonderful job for the kids and their community.

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