March 20, 2013

Day 3

Burlington 2013 HANDS Team:

Well, the DR team won the baseball game last night, so of course there was much celebration.  Dominicans really love to celebrate, especially about baseball.  and for them noise is either off or loud, no inbetween.  besides all that, the roosters were also crowing of course.  So needless to say most of us woke up still very tired this morning.  In spite of that we were able to make the most of the day, even though the heat added to it. 

After breakfast we had some time to get ready and enjoy each other’s company.  Then Daniel and Victor arrived, and we loaded up the van like sardines and set off for the school.  Today we did a lot more work on the walls of the second storey, and we got quite a bit done.  and played with the kids too off course.  :)  We also moved a pile of wood with nails in it out of the playground area, because the kids were playing on it.  we took extra breaks today because it was so hot and we needed shade.  the local workers kept right on working right through it all, they were so dedicated!  They also are very quick to tell us (in spanish or creole of course) when we are doing something wrong, and we try to fix it!   Tonight has been a relaxing time just sitting around hanging out with the teens and playing games, which has been nice! 


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