Welcome to our official online team page for Burlington, which hopes to travel to Dominican Republic in January of 2012. From this website you can learn more about the different members on our team, the goals we have for our trip as well as follow our trip as we blog about our experiences. You can also support us by making a donation online!





Our Team

Blog Posts

Hello all!! Sorry for the delay in blogging...technical difficulties and all that. But we are up and running...and working. So here's what's been...

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Hola! Wednesday morning shook us out of bed...literally. At quarter to six in the morning, an earthquake woke us all up and we...

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Yesterday we got to sleep in, til 8 o clock!! We headed to Santo Domingo for a bit of shopping in a touristy market - where...

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Buenas dias! First off, huge apologies for not posting anytime earlier this week. The internet at the mission center decided to take a...

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