February 18, 2017

Day Three

Burdett HANDS Team:

To whom it may concern. We are having a wonderful time out here. The people are great their work ethic from what we saw and what we dealt with was impeccable. It is a lot of fun working with them and finding out what they do and how they live. There was some concern among group discussions whether we were actually taking work out of their hands since some men were standing around watching and we were not sure whether they were waiting for something to do or just watching. I do know it's a wonderful way to meet and find out about other people while you toil under the sun.

   Going to a warm country as this did present a problem for us northerners. It was hot hot hot. 3rd day here and we are starting acclimatize. We all got some red skin. Of course after work there was always time for a dip in the Caribbean. It's also quite interesting how the youth in our group are getting along and learning how to get things done together. While we went swimming today a little girl actually recognized my daughter from the school and attached herself like a leech to her. You can tell little kids are much the same all over the world. 


Hank Haan
Feb 21, 2017 at 8:25 am

It looks like your digging was a lot easier than what our team had to put up with.Keep up the good work and say hi to the staff and students on behalf of the Strathroy Hands Team

and Mr. Hank; also Natcho & Alfredo.

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