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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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I'm not sure what to say anymore. These days have been a pure blessing. All of us have changed greatly during our time in Belize. A whole new world has been opened for us. I know for sure we will miss all the people we have created a friendship with. They have become family to us.

Today we cemented the bottom part of the fence wire to the layered bricks. Most of the youth had played with the kids today. They absolutely love the attention we give them. I am so glad we have contributed to the smiles on their faces. We are going to miss everyone so much!


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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

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Today was a good day. The kids here are amazing. Each one has their own unique character. They are so beautiful and talented. Everyone of the kids never wanted to stop playing with us, they always wanted to play soccer or fly kites, or to be spun around and given piggy back rides (cooch cooch).  We love playing with them as much as possible. We finished laying down the bricks in the sweltering heat. Tomorrow i do believe the wire will be put up. 

Written by DH

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Monday, February 20, 2017

Bricks, kites and kids 0 comments

It is Monday evening,time to write my piece on the usual all adults were up first and enjoyed sunrise outside with a cup of coffee overlooking the Caribbean ocean. Beautiful.after breakfast went to visit Cristo Rey Presbyterian school in Cristo Rey followed by a visit to cornerstone high school.principle,Albert Zantingh showed us 11.30 we had an early lunch  at conception Presbyterian school and after lunch we helped building the fence,our project.the kids played a lot with the school kids. Flying kites was a highlight. just after four back at our hotel and relaxed till supper time which was prepared again by the church ladies and was delicious. After devotions and prayer time we sat outside again and enjoyed the rest of the evening.God blessed our day again ! JH

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Difficult roads lead to beautiful places 0 comments

Our morning started at 7:30; our first sleep-in since we got here. We joined the Presbyterian church on their church picnic to the Mayan ruins where on the way we boarded a ferry and all of us got the chance to crank the handle that would bring us across the broad River. On the road there was a sign that clearly defined our trip here; "Difficult roads lead to beautiful places." It's words to live by no matter who or where you are. They are very simple words yet they have a very unique meaning unlike no other. Everyday is better than the last. SK

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