January 24, 2016

FUN DAY!!!!!

Brantford HANDS Team:


Wow what a day where  do we start um,, we will start with yes it is still really HOT here and we are loving it!! (sorry just had to say it). So we got up this morning had a quick breakfast and headed to leon which is about an hour away so we had some bonding time in the van, thankfully Steve and Derek were kind to us cause they stink a little,(sorry guys). Soanyways back to our we drove for about an hour and tourned down this very skinny very sandy road that would take us to the base of the volcano.On this road we saw small farms and oxen pulling carts and cows, ya i know right,cows just hanging out in the middle of the road chewing there cud and watching 12 canadians cramed in a van drive by. So after an off road cow dodging drive we made it to the base of the volcano and unloaded. We got and looked at our climbing challenge. Some of us rented sleds and some of us rented lva boards(snow boards of sorts). Off we go for the great climb hike up up upwe climbed and every once in a while stopping to look at all th landscape(catch our breath),after about 45 min to an hour we made it to the top,there are really no words to describe what kind of artist God is,its amazing what he has created. Ok so we put on our jumps suits that were provided whe we rented our equipment said a little prayer got on the sleds and boards and headed down the volcano. Yes we all made it down some with a few scratches and bruises but we made it. We went back to the center to reurn our stuff and wash the lava dust off and piled back into the van and headed back down the very skinny sandy rough road towards the main road. O hey just in case your wondering cause i know you are, that cow was still there standing on the road, that cow needs a hobby. Back to the main road and headed to the inner city of leon where we found a parking spot and got some lunch. Here in the city it is set up for a little more tourism , we found a coffee shop and reloaded the old caffine tank then kinda broke off into groups to go touring.i think we blended in well amongst the locals , well most of us did, all except lollipop he just want to show people which way the beach was,(hey who belongs to this nicname). So we saw all kinds of vendours selling all kinds of stuff like t shirts and jewlery and agaunas(big lizards)all kinds of cool stuff. There was also a cathedral there that was a big part of there history and it was beautiful inside.We met back at the coffee shop around 4 or so and headed back to the van to head what we are calling home. Once there we had dinner and devotions and just kinda hung out i think we were all a little tired after our long day of fun. But if you think about it kids are always tired after a big day so i geuss that means we are just a bunch of big kids1( dont tell the other guys i called them kids, thanks) We would like to thank Peter and Lester for making sure we had a great day today, thanks guys. Untill next time God bless


Jan 24, 2016 at 10:48 pm

Sounds like quite the day!

Boys will be boys

Jan 24, 2016 at 10:51 pm

Does lollipop mean eye candy in Nicaragua?

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