January 18, 2016

day 1 of our adventure

Brantford HANDS Team:

Jan 18 2016

Hello family and friends,first thank you for your support and your many prayers. So here we are gatherd at the church ready to go. A lot of preparation and time has been spent to make this trip happen but ultimately we all God has granted this to happen. What a great and intresting group of 12 men that has been put together to go to Nicaragua.

So our adventure begins at hope crc at 8 am this morning all of us heading to the church a little nervous and very much excited to go, one by one we show up coffee in hand luggage in tow. By 845 we are all loaded and saying a little prayer before we go a few last minute tears hugs and fairwells and we are off to pick up one more man in Hamilton. At the airport all went very well let they let us all on the plane and assured us that all our luggage would follow, so just to make sure none of our luggage got lost opa tipped the luggage people to ensure the arrival of our luggage. Leaving the airport headed to our destination with aquick stop in atlanta  and then touch down in Nicaragua. Off the plane , finding all the luggage and yes it all arrived thanks opa, through customes and all that fun stuff and then finding our ride and driver. Wow is hot and humid here(just had to mention that). So we found Peter and loaded up the van all of us very excited to be here, made it to managua hotel for the nite found a bed and we all just kinda relaxed for a while. Opa Rick lead us in a devotion and a time where we got to know each other a little better then off to bed. It seemed to be a long day a nd a little beauty sleep is probly good for all of us (it may not help some of us). Good nite and sleep well we thank God for this time and pray he keeps all of us safe.


Jan 21, 2016 at 4:28 pm

So glad to hear that you arrived safely. It is cold and snowy back here in Canada.

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