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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Last devotion 1 comment

Our Team:

So here we are sitting in a circle kind of telling each other how these last few days have affected us in our lives. In some aspect in our mind we wonder how Gods children in another part of the kingdom can live with so little and love our God so much. We witnessed so much the last days thats its hard to take it all in in such a short time. Yet we all know that God has a plan for all his people in his grand kingdom and that we just need to trust him and lay it all at his feet for he loves all his children and will protect them and guide them if we allow him to do so. Praise be to God 

On a side not it has been an amazing trip for myself to see God at work here and to realize how blest i am at home to have so much and a family that supports me in what i do and that they love me even with all my short falls. I pray that all of us men can come home closer to our creater and that we can be a possitive influence in his kingdom at home.

A special thank you to Dan and Jon for having a vision to take a team here that we may serve these people and grow in our faith, also thank you Rick for leading our devotion times every night .You pulled us out of our comfort zone made us think with our hearts and minds and realize that we are truly brothers in christ. ou are an insperation to us all!!

God bless and thank you all once again for your support and your prayers we love you all

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting ready for home 3 comments

Hello again family and friends we are getting ready to head home. Today we finished our last project in a smal village that is very poor. It has been a very humbling trip and a true eye opener to witness Gods people in a different part of his kingdom. We have been together as a group for 10 days in this place and have gotten to know each other alot better. It is amazing to see how God can use 12 men in different walks in there lives and all on a different journey, trying to seek his guidence on our calling in life to see how to serve him best. How awesome it is to serve the greatest king in the world,and how humbling it is to know that this king loved us so much that he died for all of us on the cross that we his people could be saved. We pray for Gods blessing on all our friends and family and ask for a good nights sleep. May we all have a geat day as we serve our king in all we do.   

God bless

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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Day 7 - Beginning the descend - our last full work day 2 comments

Greetings everyone!

Today we had another wonderful day. It is now 10 o’clock here and we just finished devotions. By the way, this is Dan at the helm, I thought Aart wouldn’t mind the night off from the blog writing and when I asked (and just as I suspected) he said he was happy to write them but appreciated the opportunity to join the rest of the group for the evening.

As I noted above, we just finished devotions. Prior to the trip each of us were given a “job” to do during our time away. Aart volunteered as the blog writer, Derek is the medic, Fred was in charge of the finances, and Rick was given the daunting task of preparing devotions for each night during our time away. That said, each person takes a turn doing devotions before every meal, but Rick is in charge of the evening time. I am going to just spend a few moments discussing our devotion time.

I am unsure any of the guys were aware how significant the devotion time would be prior to the trip. There was a lot of talk about the big trip to a foreign country, about the work we would be doing on some Christian Schools, and some more about the people we would be meeting. I think everyone assumed devotions was automatically going to be part of the trip, but I am unsure how many were aware how significant  …and stretching. Although we are now beyond the half way point of the trip what we have experienced so far during devotion time has taken many of us to a whole new level in our relationship with the Lord, as well as, with each other. Rick prayed a lot about his job in preparation for this trip, he shared with me that he asked God to lead each man on the team into a deeper, more significant walk with Him. I know this has already occurred, because I have seen it and experienced it.  Thank you very much for your dedication to our devotions each night Rick, you are a true servant of Christ.

Today was our last full work day. We were working at a school in a really tough neighbourhood, a Christian School we have all simply called “Juanita’s school”.  Juanita is the principal of the school, and she also started the school. Before starting the school Juanita was a Dentist, and by the way, Juanita is 34. The community where the school is located was part of a relocation project by the government after a Hurricane had wiped out their previous community located closer to the Pacific. Unfortunately, many in the community have been unable to adapt well and good employment is scarce so poverty is widespread throughout this neighbourhood. Juanita visited this area once and found some children in this area that were malnourished and not educated properly. Juanita felt the Lord’s call on her to do what was in her power, so she left the Dentistry and started a Christian School. Juanita gave up her opportunity rise above poverty to give so many others the same chance she had. Now she lives among this community, but the Lord has blessed her work. I could go into a lengthy story about all the work God has done through this amazing woman, but you can ask any one of us more about Juanita and this school after our return. What I am going to say however, is how honoured we are to be invited by God to participate in His work at this school with this obedient servant that was willing to take up her cross and follow Jesus in this way.

There is so much more that could be said, but I will leave it here for now. This trip has been amazing so far, we have experienced hard work, we have witnessed time and time again a passion for Christ that can’t be put into words, and each of us has been brought closer to God by making ourselves vulnerable to Him.

To our families and friends back home, we miss you, we love you, we thank you for your support, and we all look forward to seeing you again when the week draws to an end. Please pray for our safety and for the journey God has in mind for each of us during this trip.

Hasta pronto!

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Sunday, January 24, 2016

FUN DAY!!!!! 2 comments


Wow what a day where  do we start um,, we will start with yes it is still really HOT here and we are loving it!! (sorry just had to say it). So we got up this morning had a quick breakfast and headed to leon which is about an hour away so we had some bonding time in the van, thankfully Steve and Derek were kind to us cause they stink a little,(sorry guys). Soanyways back to our we drove for about an hour and tourned down this very skinny very sandy road that would take us to the base of the volcano.On this road we saw small farms and oxen pulling carts and cows, ya i know right,cows just hanging out in the middle of the road chewing there cud and watching 12 canadians cramed in a van drive by. So after an off road cow dodging drive we made it to the base of the volcano and unloaded. We got and looked at our climbing challenge. Some of us rented sleds and some of us rented lva boards(snow boards of sorts). Off we go for the great climb hike up up upwe climbed and every once in a while stopping to look at all th landscape(catch our breath),after about 45 min to an hour we made it to the top,there are really no words to describe what kind of artist God is,its amazing what he has created. Ok so we put on our jumps suits that were provided whe we rented our equipment said a little prayer got on the sleds and boards and headed down the volcano. Yes we all made it down some with a few scratches and bruises but we made it. We went back to the center to reurn our stuff and wash the lava dust off and piled back into the van and headed back down the very skinny sandy rough road towards the main road. O hey just in case your wondering cause i know you are, that cow was still there standing on the road, that cow needs a hobby. Back to the main road and headed to the inner city of leon where we found a parking spot and got some lunch. Here in the city it is set up for a little more tourism , we found a coffee shop and reloaded the old caffine tank then kinda broke off into groups to go touring.i think we blended in well amongst the locals , well most of us did, all except lollipop he just want to show people which way the beach was,(hey who belongs to this nicname). So we saw all kinds of vendours selling all kinds of stuff like t shirts and jewlery and agaunas(big lizards)all kinds of cool stuff. There was also a cathedral there that was a big part of there history and it was beautiful inside.We met back at the coffee shop around 4 or so and headed back to the van to head what we are calling home. Once there we had dinner and devotions and just kinda hung out i think we were all a little tired after our long day of fun. But if you think about it kids are always tired after a big day so i geuss that means we are just a bunch of big kids1( dont tell the other guys i called them kids, thanks) We would like to thank Peter and Lester for making sure we had a great day today, thanks guys. Untill next time God bless

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