March 13, 2019

Workday 2

Almonte 2019 HANDS Team:

Well, we were back at it again today. Another beautiful and partly cloudy day. The team was thankful again for some odd cloud cover to spare us from the piercing sun.

So the boys had a pretty tough day. They were tasked with smoothing out the concrete that was the remnants of old roof. This was tough slugging. They were wheeling hammers, sledge hammers and axes, thankfully there was one impact chisel that was needed to get through the hard concrete. Tommy Two Tummies almost got a new nickname, "Tommy Two Hammers" as he was going ham on that wall. They did this most of the day, so hats off to them. Will and Joel seemed to like it the most, as they were at it the whole day. The good news is that they will likely be done this tomorrow and can maybe do something a little less painful the next day. Some of the kids were forunate enought to get out to some of the classes and get taught some spanish. Tammy and Vickie saw that the boys were having so much fun at this, they decided to jump into the action as well. They were up there for a little while, but after they couldn't see out of their double layered glasses, they got mixed up into something else. See the pics of the kids on the scaffold with their concrete weapons.

Meanwhile, Kent, Stephen and Matt had the started the day watching the local construction workers tie in the first rafter/truss or whatever you want to call it. This was turning to be quite the complicated exercise. Everyone was trying to come up with ideas of how to do this in a way that would a) work and b) be something that wouldn't take too long each time. So after a while a solution was found and each of us found a task that we could do to help out. This involved a lot metal cutting. Thankfully Stephen, realized that grinding metal wasn't his thing, seeing that he is blind in 3 eyes and hard of hearing in the other. After this things progressed quite well. Take a look at the pics below for the progress that was made. At first it didn't look like we would get more than four rafters done in the whole day.

Lori and Kate had the opportunity to teach a class, as the teacher for the class was with the volleyball team at a tournament in the morning. What a treat for them, they were in there element. They were so good at this, another one of the teachers asked them to teach the pre-schoolers tommorrow.

The day overall went quite well and the end came a lot quicker than the previous day.

We got back to the hotel, jumped into our bathing suits and took a quick refreshing dip in the ocean. The water was so warm and the air temperature was perfect. That felt great.

Got back to the hotel and shortly after, there were the ladies with another spot on perfect meal. This time rice, vegies and some amazing ribs. These people sure know how to make food taste good.

After diner we walked down to Central park with the team and did our daily devotions in the middle of the park. The theme was humility. At the end of the Devos we had the opportunity to pray for Corazal Town by being right in the middle of it. Today we were all humbled by either the work, the collaberation with the workers and the trust the teachers had in us and not to mention the amazingly happy kids. Will Lowry got his answer today, he realized that the kids love to learn and come to school because God is at the center of it all, especially the teaching. The teachers love God and they show it and live it. We wanted to be invited in to help and God answered our prayer to do this today.

Thanks be to God for teaching us patience and humility and for rewarding us for doing so.


Mar 14, 2019 at 6:54 am

Thanks for the detailed reports and pictures! We feel like we’re there with you; we’re just not sweating. We pray often for you all!

Ryan G
EduDeo Staff
Mar 14, 2019 at 9:24 am

Who wrote this? This is hilarious.

EduDeo Staff
Mar 14, 2019 at 9:30 am

Sounds like you're having way too much of 3 things. Work, Fun and Prayer. What a great combination for witnessing!! Keep up the amazing work!

Mar 14, 2019 at 1:05 pm

Keep it up folks! Nice to see Will's legs still getting some sun and great to hear he got his question answered. Maybe Will might take a turn teaching???

Is there any way to get some action shots of how the rafters are getting to there spots on the main beam without the scaffolding moving?

You're in our prayers for safety and that His grace continues to move you!


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