March 12, 2016

Day 5 - Our day was Ruined!

Almonte 2016 HANDS Team:

You would think the team leaders would be prepared to give us a break after a few hard days of work but.....nope.  We're up earlier than usual with an awesome breakfast of sweet breads shipped in from Chetumal, Mexico.

The Sloot boys shared their reflections on what the Pastor from the USA said last night and were pumped by it.  They were excited to hear that others were changed by this experience and were hoping some of it would rub off on them.  

Shad and his wife Lily and son Axel picked us up in the Ford for a 45 minute drive to the Eco Tours spot where we were greeted by Gilberto and his sidekick Carlos.   It was here where our day got ruined!  We enjoyed a 75 minute boat ride in to the Mayan ruins, Lamanai.  Our tour guide Gilberto walked us through the amazing history of the Mayan culture and what the ruins meant to Belize.  We climbed up to the top of one of the temples that used to be the tallest ruins in the world unitl the ruins in Chichen Itza in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico were discovered.  Obviously the Mayans were an advanced culture but clearly lacked any municipal building inspectors as the stairway to the top is at about a 60 degree slope.......crazy.  Fortunately for us, but unfortunately for a cardiologist from the USA they no longer let you climb the main stairs to the top.  She fell down these stairs which would be about 40 metres down a rocky slope.  They have since built stairs around the back which we took to the top to enjoy the view from above the tree canopy and see 20-25 miles.

The tour ended just after we were able to witness and hear "howler" monkeys.  THEY ARE LOUD!!!.  Everyone has them recorded and can share the sounds they make when we get home.  Kate says it sounds like her dad when he snores.  Treena played that recording of Billy snoring as well and we all agree that it is hard to tell the difference.

The boat operatior/tour guide also tripled as our lunch time host with jungle chicken, rice, fried plantain and Fanta.  It was excellent......we've never had so much chicken with no complaints.

We jumped in the boat around 2:00 PM and then raced the other 5-6 boats that were there back to the start of the tour.  It is amazing how teenagers can sleep when they are part of a James Bond race scene.

Shad and the family picked us up and took us to a Mennonite Ice Cream shop which was great!  2 scoops for 2.50 Belizean ($1.25 US).  It was a nice surprise and well enjoyed by everyone.

Devotions started up at 5:30 PM where we discussed following God's will.  It is less about where you are going and more about who you are becoming on the way.  Do your best at whatever God has given you at your talent whether it's serving double doubles at Timies or performing brain surgery. 

If anyone is wondering how to serve faithfully, we have a group of women who cook all our meals whille putting off their own family meals.  It is then delivered and served to us and then they return to where they came from and wash up.  Tonights dinner was chicken with fresh tortillas served in our covered open air patio.  God is great.


Mar 15, 2016 at 9:24 am

Sounds like you are learning a lot about the culture and history of Belize!

Thanks for the updates

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