March 11, 2016

Day 4 - Fast and Furious 12

Almonte 2016 HANDS Team:

What does 150 x 1.5 x 1.5 divided by 27 mean to the average Joe on the street?  Well......usually nothing because they don't have a calculator on them and they don't have that app for their smart phone.  

For meant a fast and furious 3 hours....12.5 yards of cement broken down by hand means 40 bags of 100 lb cement......and 240-5 gallon pails of stone....... and 160 heavy pails of sand and trekking it all over to the trench we've been digging in a somewhat questionable wheelbarrow.  We built the base of the fence and we didn't stop until noon today when the kids let out for school for the weekend.  Amazingly, no one was concerned with the lack of breaks we had today as the work was that enjoyable.  

Who's kidding who though.....the onsite supervision with our local contacts was a big part of it and made the day all that more enjoyable. Fortunately, the sun cooperated today and only made small appearances which kept it much cooler than it had been. 

And it wouldn't be a blog by us if we didn't discuss how many sandwiches everyone pounded back today.  It was just the right combination of chicken, tomatoe, lettuce and mayo and fresh bread washed down with lemonade.  

After lunch we cheered on the Concepcion Presbyterian football (soccer for you Gringo's) team to a huge victory 3-0 over their arch rivals the Blue Tucans (just guessing here).  We all had banana sherbert swirl served in a cup with the tiniest spoon ever.  It was excellent!

Billy and Treena couldn't stand to see the group starve as everyone had worked up a big appetite with the hard work today.  So they went on a quick tour to Corozal's tortilla factory and bought a bag of fresh chips (which by the way are the most amazing things ) and put a 2 pound bag on order for tomorrow's adventures.

Just as we started eating the chips dinner arrived and it was basically Superior fried chicken (but not greasy and much tastier) with sweet buns (not Stephen) and the potatoes made with salad cream  It's becoming a bit of a theme here but the "lads" are in no way coming home lighter than they were when they left.

A quick walk into town to watch some locals play some hoops, pick up a Fanta pop, do our daily checkin which turned into meeting a Pastor from the USA who's been here for 16 years and says if you stay long enough it would change you......put the Lord first and school next.  Some wise words regardless of where you are from.

There was a new challenge today that we discussed and the kids will share with eveyrone when they get home.  It's not something that we would run across from a small town in rural Ontario.  It shook some.  It moved some.  It made us all think.  



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