March 10, 2016

Day 3- On Solid Rock!

Almonte 2016 HANDS Team:

Everyone knows Jesus is the Cornerstone upon which you base your faith.  That's a no brainer! Early this morning Billy gave an uplifiting words of encouragement on faith and what it means to have faith.  That faith was put to the test today!

Nearing the end of the 150 foot trench lay a massive rock that usually throughout the course of digging the trench would break away after hitting it with a pick axe or with the ply bar's we are using.  This one wasn't succombing easily and it took all of the efforts of everyone hammering away for over an hour to get it loosened up only for Armando to come in and finish it off.  We're lucky that our cornerstone on which our faith is based doesn't break away like this rock eventually did!

Meanwhile Zoey had to find and create a tool to backfill earth against the portion of the fencethat is already completed.  That earth and rocks have been baked in the sun for weeksand wasnt going to be easily moved.  The determination couldn't be beat to get that job finished.  They were so determined that Kate and Lexi skipped breaktime to finish the job that they started.

A great lunch was prepared again for us and Sam, Krischan, Josh, and Ryan took turns trying to outdo each other on the number of tortillas they could eat.  It was a close race with Josh squeaking out ahead with 11 tortillas and Krischan coming in a close second with 10.  The rest of us just looked on in awe and wonder.  However, the were able to power through it and continue with helping with the trench after lunch.

Everyone is making new friends here and it's awesome to see God at work in the classroom and in the verses posted in the classrooms. This is definitely a curriculum worth pursuiing and is making a difference and will continue to make a difference in the lives of these children and in the community as a whole. God is great!  

We went back to Hotel Maya and had another awesome chiken dinner with beans and a bread that was much like a Beavertail served on the canal......needless to say they were a hit with everyone.  We followed dinner up with a quick walk downtown for a Coke or a Fanta out of bottle.  Who doesn't love pop out of a glass bottle?  Everyone you pass on the street either waves or smiles when you greet's nice to see.

Just as an aside....we're having some difficulty getting photos from the camera to the laptop.  We'll keep trying!




Mar 10, 2016 at 11:04 pm

It is great to hear how God is using your work to show His character. We loving reading the reports you write! What a testimony that EduDeo's vision is being carried out in the classrooms and community of Belize.

Do you think the twins will still need a belt on their pants when they get back after eating all that food?

Thanks for the reports! We pray for you all often!

Mar 11, 2016 at 9:03 am

Love readying the updates on how everything is going! Praying for you guys

Mar 11, 2016 at 11:43 am

You're making me hungry again with all the talk of great food! A huge part of engaging in the Belizean culture is to try their food- and it sounds like you are all enjoying it...some more than others ;)

Great update; Thanks team! Its really good to hear that you are able to a glimpse into the transformative work of Christ-centred Education at Concepcion!

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