March 9, 2016

Day 1- Call it Patience

Almonte 2016 HANDS Team:

 Our flight in Montreal at 7:50 meant that our team had to get up early. Half of us stayed in Montreal on Monday night so we did not have to wake up at 2 and travel to Montreal.  The other half decided that is what they wanted to do. Hildy drove 7 members in Pastor Matt's "silver rocket".  Billy was heard saying that there shouldn't be any carbon in the cylinders after that drive......and that was with Hildy Andretti at the wheel!

While half of the "experienced" travelers were introducing themselves to the airsickness bags, the two Sloots boys that it was just normal that the wings could flap as much as they did and absolutely loved the whole roller coaster experience.  There were some weather delays in Dallas but that gave everyone extra time to explore the airport and by explore we mean eat at every concession stand in the entire airport!

If our airline were half as effecient as our Hands Team, it wouldn't have taken an extra 5 hours to get to Belize.  Fortunately however, the airline did have a good rapport with the Belize immigration department as they were able to call ahead to secure the necessary immigration documents that we needed to fill out as they had also forgot to pack those on the plane!

With a huge grin on his face despite us being very late, Shad picked us and our luggage up in a gimongous van and truck.  What we quickly learned is that Belize uses speed bumps to control traffic.  We called them mountains......they call them bumps. 

So here we are coming in at 11:30 way behind schedule, and Alvaro and his crew had a full chicken and rice dinner ready for us along with very hot sauce that Krischan loved!  It was the first time ever that Corey didn't say that the "chicken was dry".  It was an awesome meal made by very giving people.

We hit Hotel Maya at around 12:45 AM, secured our rooms, and quickly drifted off to sleep pondering what tomorrow would bring!  It was a fantastic day and despite all the issues, God provided for us, watched over us, and was thoroughly enjoyed by all!


Karla Maria
Mar 9, 2016 at 10:02 pm


I am so glad to hear that you are all in high spirit after a long day of traveling. We are praying that you have a great first couple of days!

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