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Friday, March 18, 2016

On their way home! 0 comments

Our Team:

I have some great news to share... The Almonte Team has finally finshed the first leg of their journey home! 

They finally left Belize last night (later than they had hoped) and made it to Miami. They stayed the night at the airport, since their connection to Philadelphia would be first thing in the morning. I just heard from team leader, Stephen- that they made it to Philadelphia. One team member will be going directly to Montreal and the rest of the team will be flying to Ottawa. They should be arriving at around 3pm to very eager family members who will be waiting for them. 

I want to sincerely thank you for prayers and intercession for the Almonte team. They continue to seek God's voice and guidance through it all and have remained hopeful!  I am so encouraged by the positive attitude this team has exhibited through this difficult situation. 

Praise God!



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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Still in Belize ! 2 comments

Hi Everyone, 

As you may be aware, the Almonte Team (set to travel home yesterday) is still in Belize! There have been some mechanical difficulties with the plane and are trying to send a new one. I have been in contact with the team leader as well as our partner host and they are safe in a hotel by the airport. I will keep everyone posted on the latest news from them! Please pray for patience for the team - and that God uses this experience for His purposes!



HANDS Coordinator 



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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Update on the Almonte Team! 0 comments

We've been working hard today to make sure the Almonte team gets home as soon as possible! 

The hold up as been a mechanical issue with the plane in Belize. Since the Belizean airport is small, there aren't frequent flights out- which means less options for flying. The team is waiting for the plane to be fixed to then fly to Miami. They will have to wait until tomorrow for a flight back home. 

Please join us as we continue to pray that God would to give the Almonte Team peace and patience in this time! 

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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Day 8 - Final Day 1 comment

Of course we awoke to another beautiful day here in Belize. 

Everybody was eager to get to the schoold and finish what we started but alas, it wasn't going to be today!  The local helpers had already started early and were nearly finished the blocks for the top of the wall but we immediately jumped back in the van, and toured 2 schools.  The first one was Presbyterian Day School and the other was Cornerstone High School.  The principals of both schools were our tour guides and walked us around while patiently answering our dozens of questions.  It's a real blessing to know that the kids are receiving a Christ centered education and you can see and feel the benefits of that when walking around and watching the interaction amongst the students, the teachers, and the local villagers.  God is awesome!

We went back to the school and again helped out a little before lunch and then enjoyed another awesome treat - tostadas.  The food will certainly be one of he many things we're going to miss.

Back outside for a quick photo with everyone in the school and then in for an assembly where all the children put on a presentation of singing and dancing for us.  We in turn then sang and prayed for them and exchanged gifts of appreciation.  It was indeed very heart warming as all the students lined up and took turns to either shake our hands or give us a hug.  No doubt there was tears shared by both students and our Hands team members as we said our goodbyes.

We were then treated with Fanta pop and nachos and cheese dip by the staff as the kids were let out a little early for the day after the assembly.  We said our goodbyes to them and the local helpers and thanked them all for the blessings they have been to us this past week.  We can only hope that we were a blessing to them.  We'll be certain to pray for all of our new friends here in Belize.

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