March 26, 2012

Day 7 - Day of Mixing

Abbotsford HANDS Team:

Today we finally got to sleep in!!! Till 7:30 it felt sooooo good! We then had
our devotions at the Nehemiah Center and got to sing some songs in Espanol. We then had a reflection on our days so far with the kids  from CDF and our days working on the job site. After that we joined the grade 11 students at CDF for a spanish class. We had a very delicious lunch of chicken and beef. We then spent the rest of the afternoon painting a mural and hanging out with the students playing soccer, volleyball and just hanging out. We played soccer with the boys and had a challenge of playing one-up while counting in Spanish and they had to count in English. It was extrememly hard multi-tasking especially when you can't count to ten in We got completely showed up by the muchochos' (guys).

We then had a talent show with CDF. They presented a mock drama of the spaniards, which was hilarious. Then Dannyboy got up and did some spectacular juggling on Nicks shoulders, then Whitney and Alison peppered
with the volleyball. the CDF kids also presented a skit of what it is like for
teen gang fights on the streets in their neighbourhood and a few traditional
dances. We also played a game (only girls) of musical chairs, except now when you take a chair away you have to pile onto another with someone one else. The game ended with us all planking on one chair. Then Allie performed some ballet in pointe shoes and Matt did some amazing drumming on the drums as well as the walls and any other surface he could find. Neena also spoke in Japanese and got saranaded by Hecter. While others of us recieved special love notes that made no sense once translated. We then ended the evening with a delicious dinner and devotions.


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