March 24, 2012

Day 5 - A Day of Exploration

Abbotsford HANDS Team:

Today was an incredible day enjoying and engaging with all things Nicaraguan.

We began our day with a scenic drive to a beautiful town. The family we visited run a shop are amazing artists, for that is what their pottery really is. The pottery they produce was amazingly nice, with many mugs, vases, plates and other items. All of our team bought several pieces each, the favourites being musical instruments being made in the from of owl or turtles, and a few others. Then, as we were leaving, the wife was so greatful for all the pottery we bought, she went around the shop searching for items to give to Coachie G and Trudy Kuipers, (one of our hosts). Then we went ziplining. I must
honestly say, I was rather apprehesive, because I absolutely hate high heights accompanied with nothing beneath your feet. But, as other members were also afraid, we were all blown away on our first ride across. After safely hooking on, going across, unclipping, and travelling over to the next line, we had all smiled, and laughed, joking around. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and forgot our anxiety over the next few rides. Some team members even tried zip-lining in diferent positions. One, the "Superman," was tried on numerous rides, and the guides were very kind, and funny. Then, on one ride, just between two points we had to walk between, each team member was required to ride upside down. Not to name names, but one was very adamant about retaining a hold on the harness with one hand. (He apparently could not let go, even if he wanted to, which he said he did not...) But the rides were very fun, and we were reluctant to leave, over coming our fear, as we bounced along the lines.

We then said our goodbyes, and left for lunch. Our lunches were very good, Lesther had read out the best meals on the menu.  We were all stuffed, as we left for the boat ride.

On the boat ride, we were joined by an 11 year old boy, selling leather bracelets. He was very good, and patient, after being told to wait to sell his bracelets. He also had a very good time, as we clipped along, he and I laying over the side of the boat, dragging our hands in the water. We visited "Monkey Island," quite aptly named. Four types of monkeys live on the island, fed and taken care of by a local vetrinarian.

As we got off the boat, the young boy who joined us, helped us hold the stern of the boat at the shore, so everyone on board could safely jump off. He then followed us all, to the van, where he began marketing his bracelets. After complementing all the girls, calling them all beautiful, blowing kisses, and winking (inward smile ;) ), he left with a smile on his face, due to the best sale of bracelets he must have had in a long time. Our team was very glad to support him, and he was also very thankful.

After leaving the boy, we trekked on to a square in Granada. After perusing the small market set up, we left once more, our van now headed for the volcano.  When we got to the volcano, we were immediately stunned by the imense size of the crater. It was HUGE! If you threw a rock as far ove the edge as you could, you lost sight of it before it was even close to a quarter of the way down the crater! After climbing up to a cross set up a small way up the crater rim, we took several pictures, than ran down the steps as fast as we could to escape the gas-filled air, for the cleaner air in the van. We then came back to the Nehemiah Center, where we practiced--very well I must say--our song for the Spanish church we will attend tomorrow.
Now signing off,
Asta la vista muchachos!


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