March 22, 2012

The Third Day

Abbotsford HANDS Team:

It was juicy as you bit into it, but not too juicy, it was just right. It seemed to melt in your mouth as you bit into it again and again. The skin was the perfect texture of crunchy and chewy. There wasn't anything to compare it to, when none of us had ever tasted anything so good, so full of flavor and delicious. We sat there eating in silence taking it all in and enjoying the salty taste of the most memorable pieces of chicken we had ever consumed.
It is just too bad Roy did not get to try any of it....

Day 3! Well each day we wake up to the beautiful songs of the birds and the sun shining bright over our heads. While the boys were up since 5:05am, alarms blaring every 10 minutes because each one set their alarm at a different time, the girl's were enjoying their beauty sleeps. Us girls were woken up by our one and only Principal, Mr. G saying, see you at breakfast, (which was scheduled at 6) and we looked at our clocks surprised to find out it was 5:56.
After a delicous breakfast, we all piled into "the van" and were on our way to the school.(Centro de Fe) When we arived, we were greeted by the principal of the school before heading up to the classroom full of eager students who were excited to see us there. The students did a devotional on lying, and then we dove into learning Spanish. It was an English lesson for them, and a Spanish lesson for us. Although it was difficult to communicate, we had a fantastic time, lots of laughs and many mispronounciations. After class, we had a snack and then assembled in the main room, or sanctuary for our presentations, tours of our school and intro video that we made back in Abbotsford. We then transitioned into a round table discussion about Social Networking. This activity was great for interacting with the Nicaraguan students, and learning that we all had similar views on this topic.
We then headed to lunch back at the Nehamiah Centre and then packed our gear for sports with the Gr.11's from the school. We found a great field to play in down the road from the school and started playing catch with the softballs. After warming up, we started a game of softball. The game was great! People participating and laughing while enjoying the company of each other. We also played hockey, volleyball and soccer. Everyone enjoyed playing in the sun, but dreaded the ride home in the hot and muggy van. Dinner was delicious as always, and after devotions and songs we all disperced into the hammocks and relaxed.
-From Karly

From Nicholas;
Well, today was amazing, and we had a great time! Us males, woke up on time, then waited for breakfast, when the girls failed to arrive, our one and only Princpal Geortzen, went to find them. As it turned out, they were almost all asleep. Not naming fingers or pointing names, another member used the alarm phone, and accidentally turned it off....
Needless to say, the girls did a good job of pulling it together, eating breakfast, getting ready, gathering supplies and being among the first to enter the van. Well, completely innocently, the team drove off, without two team members. Once again, not naming fingers or pointing names, the two males were escorted smartly into the van, with insinuations that if they were the last ones in the van again...
At the school, the students were over-joyed to see us again, and we had a great time greeting each other once more. After greetings were shared all around, we were sent off to class by a buzzer, and started English class. We started the class off by being presented with a multi-point devotional including singing, reading the Bible, and reading notes. The teacher, Maria, then wrote some opinion statements on the board, and had us split up into pairs with people who agreed with our opinion. After discussing the many different factors, (such as how PIZZAS are better than burgers because you can split the pizza into several toppings on the SAME PIZZA :) ), we then wrote out our responses in Spanish and English, with the Canadians reading the Spanish, and the Nicaraguans the English. Afterwards, we left for break, spending time with the students, and learning more about each other, we watched some presentations on special days at Cento de Fe, and had a virtual tour of ACS, we turned to a round-table discussion on social networking. After much calling over of translators, and friends who spoke more Spanish or English, we were able to once again, present our responses, although this time with Lennin translating.
Afterwards, we returned back to base camp (the Nehemiah Center) for lunch, and sporting supplies. After returning to the school, we walked to a near-by sports centre, and played some softball. The Nicaraguans learned quite thoroughly how to play, and we then played a game. After a couple innings, we left the game for water, then moving on to some 10+ player volleyball. After a good douse of volleyball, the students broke out the hockey sticks, and we proceeded to teach the students how to play hockey, which they played very well. Some team members, however, decided to sit and talk with our Nicaraguan peers, strengthening our relationships, speaking in broken English or Spanish, relying on friends to get points across. Another game of volleyball sparked up, for a time. Then, sadly, we left for the school again. Karly stood watching a nearby game of basketball in full swing, regretting the fact that we did not bring our basketball.
We returned home to have some chill time. Some team members taking much-needed showers. We ate dinner, talked, laughed, and shared a rose and thorn of the day. The majority of roses, hanging out with the Nicaraguan students, the thorns, the ride home, and for Mr. VanEerden, it was missing out on tasting the chicken we had for lunch the day before, (Karly explained it well above :)... )
We shared in devotions, then had more hangout time. In this time, I found a cricket, caught it, then rather interested, decided to show the others. Bad idea. Not to name names, but some of the girls jumped up screaming, even though the cricket was several feet away... At this time, Lammers smacks the book, sending the cricket towards my open mouth... Thankfully, it hit the side of my mouth, altough, I'll bet cricket tastes interesting...
-Peylon (Baldie in Spanish, an aquired nickname, bestowed by some lovely young students at Centro de Fe :D )


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