March 21, 2012

Day 2 - Painting Project Divina Salvador School

Abbotsford HANDS Team:

Omelets, omelets are good. We had some tasty omelets for breakfast, and they were good. Today we ventured out to Divina Salvador school. We spent the entire day there painting classrooms. In the morning we primed the rooms. Donuts, donuts are good. Our first break the school cooks had some donuts made for us. Better than any donut Tim Hortons has to offer. After that we resumed our painting. We painted them beige and blue. The young students enjoyed watching us paint while they were on their breaks. Nicaraguan food in general is most enjoyable to my buds of taste. For lunch we were served rice, vegatables and a quarter chicken. It was just amazing. Then we resumed the painting of the walls. During this painting we recived a visit from one of the students; his name was Brian. Brain's story was quite interesting. For starters it was evedent to all of us that Brian spoke superb English ( as superb as a thirteen year old Nicaraguan can speak ). His mother came to Nicaragua and returned to Great Britian, later finding out she was pregnant with Brian. He was raised in the UK by his mother; he also conversed with his father frequently. His mother died of a heart attack and Brian had the desire to move to Nicaragua to live with his father. He says he enjoys it more here. The school is easier, the friends are better and so is the weather. By the early afternoon most of the team had become a little bit relaxed in their efforts of painting. Once we had finshed the second room of three we where heading back home to the Nehemiah Center. We made a brief stop at a Wal-mart like grocery store to grab ourselves some snacks. Nothing like a sundae after a long day's work. We arrived back and had dinner and settled in. We then recived a presentation by Food for the Hungry and Arto Pienta. Both groups help rural Nicaraguans develop skills to generate an income for themselves. In support of this many of us bought coffee, crafts and little art pieces all created through these programs. It was a good day.


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