March 20, 2012

Day 1 @ Centro de Fe

Abbotsford HANDS Team:

Well, what a day it's been. We all woke at the crack of dawn, or more precisely 6:30AM (also when the rooster started to go off) which was a nice wake up call. After we all got ready, we headed to breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, cereal and some amazing Nicaraguan coffee (which everyone seems to be drinking by the gallon). Once breakfast was done and over with, we all jumped into a van, heading to Centro de Fe. While in the van, we all realized that traffic here in Nicaragua is absolutly crazy, we were all glad that we weren't doing the driving.

Arriving at Centro de Fe, was an experience like no other. We could see children leaning out the windows, yelling and smiling at us. We then continued on with the tour of the school, visiting each class one by one. The smiles on these kids faces was pure delight. We got showered with paintings and cards. Then we reached the Grade 11 class (which would be Grade 12 in Canada). The guys presented us girls with a red rose and a kiss, and the girls gave our guys little gifts. We all felt touched by this gesture. Next was an assembly, where they shared their culture with us, including some dances and we shared with them what Canada is like.
Lunch was next, all of us including the Centro de Fe Grade 11's headed over to our translaters house, Lester and had a BBQ. I have to admit, it was very good. None of us were really sure what to expect from an authentic Nicaraguan meal, so for the first time, we ate plantain chips, rice and beans and pork. We all grew close, even through the language barrier, pictures started and even the random dance party.

After the deliciuos meal, we all piled onto a bus and headed towards the National Palace. It was quite hot and humid ouside by this time, may I remind you that it's about 30 degrees celsius here, but we pushed through and saw some amazing buildings, including an old cathedral. But during this time, we also saw a part of Nicaragua that nobody really wants to see. Poverty. During our tours, we would have little kids probably 6 years old, following us, begging for us to buy something of theirs. Seeing toddlers malnourished, plus the state of these houses and sidestreets littered with garbage made a little part of us cringe. By that time, we were all pretty tired so back to the Nehemiah Center we went. Showers and relaxation was on the menu, but before that was dinner. Boy, these people can cook. Chicken, rice, and salad plus lots more plantains, and our tummy's were full.

Fellowship time happened shortly after that, we sang a couple songs and then a short devotion. Now as I am writing this, we have a mad battle of Dutch Bliss going on as well as listening to a radio staion (in Spanish). I can honestly say that I am so excited to see what this week has in store for us. If these next days are like anything we experienced today, I think we are all in for an incredible adventure. Signing off for the night...Allie


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