March 5, 2012

What Will Our Trip Include?

Abbotsford HANDS Team:

If you have gotten a chance to look at our profile, you will know a little of what I am about to write, but otherwise, it is here for you to read. 

We are traveling to Nicaragua with EDUDEO Ministries (formerly known as Worldwide Christian Schools).  Edudeo has several programs that they run and we will be participating in 2 of them.

1. School2School
Last year, ACS was partnered with a school in Nicaragua's capitol, Managua, called Centro de Fe Vida Nueva. 
The following quote is taken from EduDeo's website:

"The purpose of this program is that, as your school learns about the culture, history, and way of life in a developing country, your school will discover the rich way God has worked through that country to create valuable members of the body of Christ. Our hope is that your school will notice many differences between Canada and another country and realize that these differences provide unique testimonies of God's love and faithfulness. Through this, your school may also notice one great similarity: God's presence. By identifying and accepting such differences and similarities, your school can begin to build an exciting relationship based on reciprocal sharing and learning."

To learn more about the School2School program click here.

We plan to continue to develop this relationship.

2. HANDS (Helping Anothe Nation Develop Schools)

We have opportunity to use our hands while in Nicaragua and work onsite at a school that has just received an addition.  Our primary job will be to paint the new addition alongside the Nicaraguan workers.

Our site is at Divino Salvador.  And we are excited to use our time and energy to help Nicaragua develop their education system.

3. Cultural/Learning Experiences

We will also be spending time connecting with the people, places and culture of Nicaragua.  This time will be spent fostering a deeper connection and lasting love for Nicaragua and it's people.


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