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Run The Furthest (April 4 - April 11)


Help me GO the distance to advance Christ-centred education.

I'm challenging myself to travel 130km from now until the end of June. But, instead of sponsoring me, I'm going to ask you to sponsor Guillermo Yan. Guillermo is someone I admire greatly - he is working hard as a leader in Christ centred education in the Dominican Republic - people the world over would grow hearing him share about the importance of Christian worldview in education. Please go to his EduDeo Go page and donate! https://edudeo.com/go/2018/guillermo/

I'm asking you to either make a pledge for each kilometer I run, bike, walk or swim - or to give a single donation to help advance Christ-centred education. Join us as we GO the distance to share the Gospel with a child through EduDeo Ministries!

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swam 0.9KM

Jun 27, 2018

swam 8.0KM

Jun 27, 2018

ran 5.0KM

Jun 27, 2018

Jun 11, 2018 at 10:40 pm

Hey Alice!

I'm praying that you get your kms done in time. Would you pray that I get mine in too, please?

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