This Christmas, give gifts of time, service, creativity and encouragement. All while sharing the Gospel with children through Christ-centred education.

Meaningful gifts. Meaningful impact.



Give the gift of time spent together.

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Gifts of baking, building, serving.

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Make something unique and personal.

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Offer words from the heart.

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Breakfast with Dad

A special Father-child date at a restaurant.

Candlelight Dinner

I will make your family dinner, shared by candlelight.

Walk by the Lake

Come for a walk (and picnic) by the lake.

Catch-up Coffee

Share a cup of coffee at the cafe of your choice.

Sleepover at Grandma's

Spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Board Games

Join me for an afternoon of board games.

Free Babysitting

I will watch your children and give you an evening out.


I will spend time fixing your house.

Make a Meal

Our family will make you a delicious meal, delivered to your home.

Foot Massage

Feel the heeling.

Clean Up Time!

I will clean the closet or room of your choice.

Christmas Baking

A plate of yummy baked goods.

Yarn't You s'Mittens

I will knit you a pair of mittens.

Family Photographs

I will offer you one session of family photography.

A Year with You

I have gathered small items, one for each month of this year spent with you.

Homemade Ornament

I have made you a Christmas ornament.

A Quilt

Made especially for you.

A Painting of You

Picasso, eat your heart out.


I have written a ballad celebrating you.

Hidden Verses

I have hidden Bible verses where you least expect them - to give you courage and joy.

Love Letters

I will send you letters through the mail, as was done in days of old.

A Thank You Letter

For all the things I've learned from you.

Words of Love

I have gathered notes of appreciation from friends to celebrate you.

Joke Jar

A jar full of funny sayings, for when you need a laugh.

Receive a gift tag for under the Christmas tree

Receive a Classy Gift Tag with each Gift.

Mailed to you for each gift you order before Dec. 15. Printed with your custom gift of love (so you have something to give on Christmas morning).

A school in Zambia

Bless children with the greatest gift: a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

Each gift you give comes with a donation to share the true meaning of Christmas with a child in the developing world – the good news of Jesus Christ, delivered through a quality, Christ-centred education.

More Inspring Gift Ideas:

Gift of Time: Take your child on a date.

Spend some time with your child over hot chocolate, breakfast, or whatever event holds meaning for your relationship.

Gift of Creativity: Make a Cuddle Catcher

Create your own version of this easy to make game, increase cuddles or quality time with your children.

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