A Teacher at Nueva Creacion de Fe

“The role of a teacher who loves her work is to make her classroom a safe place for her students to flourish.”

My name is Mayelin and I am a literature teacher. I would like to share this story that marked me as a teacher.

When I started to work at Nueva Creacion de Fe school, I met a child named Derbelis. She often came to class late, often with a dirty uniform and sometimes with her hair uncombed. When she came to the classroom she would just remain in her desk and did not participate in class or do her assignments. She was disinterested in everything.

Derbelis did not show interest in any of the subjects. I did not take into consideration any problems she might be going through, but made the decision to put her on the list of students that would possibly fail the grade. But when I spoke with the school principal and I showed her my decision, the principal told me that the child knew how to read and that I should give her an opportunity to pass the grade. I did not like that and I was a little angry but I obeyed and I promoted the child to grade 6.

However, Derbelis continued with the same behavior and as I already knew her, I just ignored her. It wasn’t until I received the Biblical worldview training that I came to understand that education is an opportunity to change the lives of my students. Then one day I just came to Derbelis and started to highlight her good qualities. I told her that she is the beloved daughter of God and that she could be different. She could wash her uniform, comb her hair, and other beautiful things.

The child started to cry and I hugged her until she calmed down. She told me that she did not live with her mom but with her aunt and her dad.  
After our conversation, I saw many changes in Derbelis’ behavior. Her uniform was always clean, she was well combed and the most important thing is that she is now one of the best students in the classroom and is very responsible with her assignments.

It is wonderful to see her change.

Through this child I learned the importance of evaluation. Teacher are not to avoid students or ignore them, but to give them opportunities, love, affection, trust, dedication, and motivation. The role of a teacher who loves her work is to make her classroom a safe place for her students to flourish.

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