When Lirio de los Valles Christian School was formed, Marisela was one of the first high
school students.  At that time, her class was held in the kitchen, without desks to sit down at.  Still, she enjoyed school since, as her class was small, the students received personal attention.  She also really appreciated the Bible teaching.  She came to church with her mother, and they lived close to the church and school.  She completed high school, and now is teaching at her old school!

Marisela has lived in Leon city for 18 years.  She is 31 years old and lives with her parents. 
Her mother, four brothers and three sisters are all Christians.  She loves talking with her mother and spending time with her nieces and nephews; she enjoys doing crafts in the
afternoons.  After completing high school, Marisela worked as a secretary for 7 years at another school.  She worked at a Compassion program as a mentor, and while she was there she decided to become a teacher.  Marisela is studying social work on Saturdays
in order to be better equipped to serve her community.  She has been teaching at Lirio do los Valles Christian School for 3 years. 

Marisela teaches preschool at Lirio de los Valles, where her class currently consists of 30 students. She loves to instruct children at this young age.  She enjoys hearing their stories, and believes it is very important for teachers to take time to listen.  Some of the children come to school from difficult backgrounds, and they are allowed to feel safe at Lirio de los
Valles.  It is a challenge for the teachers to relate to the students and form meaningful relationships, since only 25% of their students come from Christian families.  Some students attend because they have been expelled from other schools, and the parents bring them to Lirio de los Valles hoping that their behavior will improve there. To address this need, the school supports their Christian students to provide mentorship to the children who do not come from Christian families.  The church also offers counseling services to help students.

ACECEN training has helped Marisela by providing her with feedback relating to her
teaching.  She has also learned a lot from the experience of the trainers, and the knowledge they have been able to share.  She has learned how to integrate biblical teaching in games and songs with the children, and interactive approaches to Bible classes.  The children have reacted very well to these strategies.  Marisela’s favourite Bible passage is Psalm 91, comforted by the fact that she will always be under God’s protection.  She can see God working this out for the children at the Christian school.  God is providing caring teachers for the children there, especially in contrast to public schools.  It is wonderful for children to learn with the basis of Christian values, and in an atmosphere of
equality.  The transformation that is occurring through this Christ-centred instruction is being noticed in the community and the parents are very thankful to Marisela, to all the teachers and the whole school. 

Marisela’s desire is to see all her students serving the Lord.  She shared the following important themes of her life, which she models to those around her:

“My life as a daughter is to: Love my parents; As an aunt: Take care of my nieces and nephews; As a teacher: Continue instructing the children; As a Christian: Continue serving the Lord.”

May she be given all that she needs to serve the Lord in this way, practically in terms of
greatly needed classroom supplies and improved facilities, and spiritually through the working of the Holy Spirit.

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