I am married, 36 years old, blessed with 5 children, and have taught for 13 years. Before taking this biblical Worldview course, I had very little knowledge about worldview and its importance in the way Christian Education (CRE) can be integrated into other subjects. My diploma course and other courses I previously attended related only to primary school curriculum, isolated from the Word of God, so prior to this Christian Worldview course, I used quite different methodologies and approaches which did not enhance effective teaching and learning.

Through the application of the biblical worldview theories and concepts and new teaching strategies, I have learned how to implement more effective teaching methods in my classroom, and I have noticed not only improvement in my learners’ performance, but also in their moral behaviours so that the level of strife and abuses are reduced. I am sure this has also come about because I, as a teacher, have learned so much at the course about how to handle discipline (discipling). The impact on my personal life and work life is drastic. I believe that this training has led to my promotion in leadership as the Deputy Principal in my school.

Through prayers in my home, the moral behaviour of my family members has improved and now my family attends Sunday prayers (services) regularly. I have also developed self-regard for the poor, the sick and those in need of help by recognizing their conditions and giving support. In conclusion, the worldview training is a blessing to me because it has given me the opportunity to be a more loving person and to share with other people the importance of love and serving Almighty God, and to be His imagebearer. 

Congratulations to CH Global, EduDeo and our trainers for this very, very important wonderful program.

Jun 26, 2014 at 11:40 pm


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