A Teacher at Monte Hermon

Claudia is the math and computers teacher at Monte Hermon in Nicaragua, teaching at the high school level. Claudia realizes that education is more than just teaching students the skills they need, but also showing them how to apply those skills in a meaningful way – a way that brings glory to God. The vision of Monte Hermon is to help transform its surrounding communities of Cedro Galán, Chiquilistagüa and Planetarium through the integral education of children, youth and young people. Claudia plans to do just that by encouraging her students to use their math and computer knowledge to tackle a big problem in their neighbourhood, garbage.

With her class, Claudia created a survey of why people litter, and she sent her students out to find people to interview. Later, her students compiled all of their data into bar graphs and pie charts made on the computer. They used their math knowledge to interpret their information and shared it with their peers. Together, they discovered the biggest reasons for why people in their community litter. Once they had their problem defined, Claudia guided her students to brainstorm ways that they can stop the garbage issue.

Claudia loves showing her students that math and computers can be helpful tools for solving big problems and is proud of how her students are transforming the community by cleaning it up. She is very excited because this project has allowed her to teach her students to be good stewards of God’s creation. Her students have in turn been able to share with their community why they believe it is important not to litter. This is a great example of how Monte Hermon’s teachers are shaping students to be devout servants of God who use their skills to be good citizens in their communities.

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