A Student at Renacer

Sterling was born on March 31 1990 to Paul and Cristina, youngest of three children. He spent 18 days in the hospital after birth with a few developmental and respiratory concerns, but things seemed to go well.  At the age of three, he began to have seizures, which caused him speech delay as well as delays in motor development. He was put on anti-seizure medication, since the frequency of his seizures were affecting his brain. When he was ready to begin his education, he was not accepted into any school in his community because they did not know how to work with his disabilities. Fellow students in elementary school also had a hard time accepting him, and he suffered through peer mocking and bullying.

After great struggle in the public system, Sterling was welcomed into a COCREF school. He was shown love and encouragement there, and as result he began to walk more upright, speaking confidently in the classroom. He was originally assigned to a class on the second floor of his school, but when it became evident that his mobility issues were making it difficult for him to join his class, the room was changed to a first floor classroom.  He was well received in many ways at the school, and he was considered a blessing.  It was a great experience for the school to be able to work with him, and they joined him in celebrating his triumphs. Soon he was able to walk to school himself. Joy was evident on his face when he passed all his national exams with an average of 80 points in 4 subjects. He graduated from high school with a dream of college. 

It because of Christ’s love that teachers and students can show and receive love. Praise God for quality Christ-centred education, where the focus is on transforming hearts and lives with the gospel!

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