The way we think and perceive things shapes the kind of person we want to be and determines our life style.

My names are Michael Ngoma, born in 1994 in Chipata district of eastern province of Zambia. I have never seen my dad since I was born and my mother passed away when I was very young. I have been raised up by my aunt, mum’s eldest sister. Unfortunately, she also passed away when I still needed her support and encouragement.

I did my grade one to nine in Chipata at a government school.  When I wrote my grade 9 examinations, I failed.  I quit school and start selling beer at a bar. My life completely changed - my behaviour became bad, I stopped going to church, joined very bad company, moved out from home and had no respect for anyone. It was like I was attacked and being used by evil spirits because I started acting differently and seeing a lot of bad things in dreams.

In 2013 my uncle sat me down and asked me to choose what I wanted in life - school or selling in the bar. I told him I wanted school and he gave me one week to think about it. He came back and asked the same question and I maintained I want to go back to school.  He asked me to come with him to Lundazi.

That same year, I entered grade 8 at Kabinda Day Secondary School in Lundazi District. The teachers from this school were so kind and nice to me. My uncle also prayed and fasted for the transformation of my life. In 2014 with the help of the teachers at Kabinda, I made it to grade ten.

The devil comes to steal and kill, and I made space for him. I behaved badly in a relationship with a girl at the same school, and she became pregnant. I was expelled from school for three months. However, my uncle and the teachers at Kabinda never gave up on me. They encouraged me to continue to look to God.

At the end of 2014 a place was found at Hoya Secondary School. I was introduced to the head teacher Mr. Boniface Mumba as a special child and I was admitted with the condition that I would be under his close supervision. I’m so grateful to testify that it is from these two schools, Kabinda and Hoya, that God was made so real to me by the teachers that surrounded me. I’m also receiving scholarship from CCAP as my uncle could not manage to pay for three of us at home. This blessing has enabled me to enter the final grade in 2017.

I would like to tell family and friends in the Lord that God wants us to be Image Reflectors - to represent Him in whatever we speak and do on this earth. To all those experiencing hard times in life – you can try and try to live a good life but you still end up doing wrong things. I’m here to tell you that it’s high time you give your life to God and ask him to be your Lord and Saviour. Christ is the only solution to your situation.

My prayer requests

-          That God will help me live a faithful life before Him and my fellow classmates.

-          Scholarship for my study since now CCAP is paying for me.

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