Learning to Rise Above Life’s Challenges

“When I was doing grade 6, I was involved in a road accident” says Memory, a 16 year old, grade 10 student at Kabinda (also known as Mphamba) Day Secondary School in Zambia.

“I suffered serious injuries and never thought I would live a normal life again.”

Memory’s injuries not only caused her a great deal of pain – it set her back in school. “When my mother took me back to school I was advised to repeat the same grade since I missed a lot.” Memory remembers. “I sat for grade 7 examinations and failed.”

Memory struggled through grade 8. Then, to encourage her, Memory’s mother promised her that if she passed her grade 9 examinations, she could attend a boarding school. This promise kept Memory motivated: “If I pass my grade 9 exams, mum will take me to a boarding school”. In January of 2015, she passed her grade 9 exams. It was time to hold her mother to her promise....

“Unfortunately, my parents didn’t have enough money to take me to boarding school.” Memory tells us. Memory became angry with her parents. “I started thinking, ‘mum, she is not caring for me.’ I wished my biological father was alive to pay for my school fees” says Memory. “I started disliking school. The desire for school went off.”

It wasn’t until Memory’s mother sat her down and spoke with her that this dislike began to change. Memory’s mother challenged her. Encouraged her. And reminded her that she would always have her beloved daughter’s best interests at heart.

Since that day, Memory’s realized that Mphamba Day Secondary School is where God wants her to be. She has developed wonderful friendships with fellow students, who are teaching her about the Creator God. Both teachers and students have taught her a lot about God. Special guests coming to the school and sharing their testimonies at assemblies have also greatly inspired her. One such example was Mr. Moffat Zulu.

“My life has not been the same after listening to the touching words shared by Moffat. Previously I used to think I’m the only one who is less privileged in the world. From his experience in life, I have learned that I am more blessed than others who do not have even a shelter to live in. I’m so special, unique and blessed.”

After completing secondary education, Memory dreams of becoming a nurse and helping people who are in need, serving those who are spiritually and physically weak.

Memory has learned how to rise above life’s challenge – a lesson she shares with you:

“My message to those facing different challenges, whether with school, home or work - just believe in God. He has transformed my life and my situation I was going through. He will get through your problems and take charge of them at an appropriate time. God is always faithful and just. May God richly bless you. Amen!”

Jul 23, 2015 at 7:16 pm

I thought Memory's story was very unique and heartwarming. She is very courageous to bounce back from her accident to complete grade 12. Memory is an inspiration to other teens that have lost their way. I love the way that she has great faith in God and Memory will achieve her goals of becoming a nurse in the near future with His help. Good luck Memory!

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