A Student at Nueva Creacion de Fe

Mariela Deni Thomas is a beautiful child and takes a great approach to her education, but it took Mariela time to get to this point. When she first started school she spoke with none of her classmates and kept to herself. This in turn led some of the teachers to begin to wonder if she didn’t have a lot of capacity to learn new things. Her evaluations often came back with poor results.

One of Mariela’s teachers, Mindri Mojica, had an opportunity at a parent/teacher meeting to learn of things going on in Mariela’s life from her father. He shared that Mariela had always been a smart child, but when her mother left and was no longer part of Mariela’s life, this took a large toll on her and she began to close herself off to others for fear of them leaving her as well.

Mindri began to pay more attention to Mariela and her needs. She worked hard at boosting her confidence, ensuring she felt included and heard. She encouraged her to have fun and to remember what it was like to laugh. She reminded her of God's unconditional love for her and that she was made in His image. In time, Mariela blossomed once again into a happy and active young women and every day her desire for learning increased.  Now she is a very helpful and active student in the classroom and is loved by all.

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