A Student at Renacer

Katherine, a Grade 12 student, has attended Renacer Christian School since the first grade. From the beginning, she knew this was going to be a great blessing on her life, both emotionally and spiritually, but she never fully realized what its impact would be.

Katherine was born into a dysfunctional home. She never lacked physical needs but she missed the most important things - love and care/compassion. She felt alone and that she was worth nothing. She even wanted to die or commit suicide. She had friends that were older than her who were drug-addicts and lesbians and who wanted to involve her in this world. She was encouraged to try drugs several times but they could not fill up the emptiness that she felt inside of herself.

At school, however, Katherine found love, tenderness and helpful advice from her teachers.

She began to gain strength and realized she wished to live.  Every morning at school the class would read a passage from the Bible and Katherine would receive a special word from God. One night, God confirmed to her that she was His special child and that He was the only one that could fill the emptiness she felt. God continued to work in her life until one day the Religion teacher Cleotilde Valdez invited her to church. Over time, Katherine came to accept God as her Saviour and was baptized. She now attends church regularly. She prayed for her mother, who was involved in witchcraft, and now she attends church with her daughter. 

Katherine is very thankful God put such special people in place at her school - people who help students in need of learning about the word of God and the love He has to give.

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