By age 15, Esamir had already been involved in criminal activities for several years. Due to his family’s poverty, he tried to provide for them by joining a gang that stole motorcycles and distributed illegal drugs. Esamir became a user, got involved in street fights with rival gangs, was taken to jail on several occasions, and saw many of his friends die. He became full of anger and hatred.  

Kicked out of several schools due to poor behaviour, Esamir’s father begged Emmanuel Christian School to allow him to attend. They did, stating that although they could not change anyone, Christ could.

“Since nobody expected me to behave well, I kind of assumed the personality of a bad boy,” Esamir said, “but deep down in my heart, I was ashamed of myself and screaming for help. I had lost confidence that I could do well and would go anywhere.” 

From the very beginning, Esamir was treated with love and respect by everyone at Emmanuel Christian School. The teachers invested in his academic needs, prayed with him, and encouraged him to put his trust in the Lord. He had never felt so loved. Gradually, his anger disappeared, and he started to dream of a better future.  His grades improved and he left the gang; his family couldn’t believe his transformation! 

“God had mercy on me and used this wonderful school that I call my home, and [these] wonderful people who were more than my teachers, because they loved and treated me like a son.”Esamir graduated as an honour student, and is now completing his college education. He dreams of using his education to impact the lives of others in his community, just as God impacted his life through Emmanuel.

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