Diosmayer is one of the very special students served by La Esperanza School.  When he was about 11, his mother came to the principal of La Esperanza desperate for a place to get educational help for her son. He could not read or write. Previously he had received a lot of medical and physical therapy, but very little formal education. At first, Mery and the staff at Esperanza were very nervous and reluctant – they had no specific programs or services, specialists or assistants for children with special needs. The teachers didn’t really want to have him in their class. But they felt called to help this mother and accept her child anyway. She lives very close to the school and she has had two other children enrolled. They talked with the mother and said that whatever Diosmayer’s specialist told her, she needed to share with the school. And they prayed. Diosmayer was placed in the Grade 1 class and Mery, the principal, prayed a lot for Maria, his teacher, to provide wisdom to teach him well. For the first 2 years not much changed, in fact, his condition seemed to be getting worse. His teachers were feeling hopeless, saying “there’s not much we can do for this boy.” But the leadership persisted – encouraging staff to continue to help him, work with him and give him a chance. God calls us to love and help all his children, especially the weak and vulnerable. They continued to hope and pray, and show love to Diosmayer.  After much patience, Mary was able to share the news that things were starting to change. His writing was improving, his reading clearer, and eventually they were able to begin advancing him from one grade to the next. Now, at the age of 17, Diosmayer is in Grade 6, and though he still has significant disabilities, he is learning and participating. He is part of a class and a community. He is loved by all and cared for by his classmates. It wasn’t easy for Diosmayer with his schoolmates at first, either. The staff had to work with the children to promote love and acceptance and care for those who may be a little different or have additional needs. Eventually the attitudes of the students began to change.

Diosmayer receives a lot of love at La Esperanza and Mery believes that this is what has helped him. He is very special to them. This kind of work is very close to their hearts – it is very difficult but they trust in the Lord to help them.  As Mery, the principal at La Esperanza shares, “We thank God and ask Him to continue to help us to open our doors to people like Diosmayer and love of Christ to help”.

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