I am Chilove Pascual and I graduated from Los Guandules Christian School 5 years ago, I was able to go to school through a scholarship that I received for my primary and high school studies. I was an honored student because of my high marks, and as soon as I finished high school I received the wonderful news that I was rewarded with a scholarship to study in one of the most prestigious university of my region and one of the most respectable of my country. That was one of my dreams for a long time, but it had looked unreachable to me because of my lack of economic resources. The news made me jump of happiness and thankfulness to the Lord.

A short time after I emigrated from Haiti, my mother passed away, and then I was left by myself, without my mother and without family support, because my father did not have enough income to pay all the expenses of my education.

I suffered a lot when I thought about how uncertain my future was, but God had a plan. This plan was put into action when I received a scholarship to study at Los Guandules where I was not only formed academically, but also spiritually.

My academic, social and spiritual achievements have been possible first of all thanks to God my heavenly father, then to COCREF and to all the people that encouraged me and supported me so that my dream came true.

I am very thankful for COCREF and my teachers because through their teaching and unconditional love, they planted in me core values that formed my character, and continue to sustain and guide me.

I am a professional serving with effectiveness and glorify God in all the areas of my life. Studying at COCREF was an experience that marked my life in a wonderful and unforgettable way. I should also say that I am a witness of how COCREF has been a source of blessings, not only for me, but for other orphan boys and girls and children that come from very poor families. This institution is helping these kids to reach their goals. This is why I bless this institution in a great way.

My profession is accountancy, I teach foreign language in a Christian school to students from 5th grade to 9th grade. Also I continue to strengthen my professional formation, I study English as a second language in the English immersion program in the Universidad Central del Este (UCE) for young and professional adult people. I love English language!! 

I have lots of dreams for the future, one of them is to get a master degree at an international university in Spain, Canada or in the USA. Also I would love to record professionally my own music, because God has blessed me with the gift of singing, and I serve at church with that gift. In the long term, my calling is to help other boys and girls of low income and my sister to get an education that equip them to reach their dreams and serve the Lord with their lives.

Note: The HDCH Choir HANDS Team was privileged to be able to join in a concert with Chilove as well as a number of other Dominican musicians in March 2015.  The concert was organized by Emanuel Christian School and Renacer Christian School, as an outreach and witness to the community.  About 100 people were blessed to be in attendance, and COCREF is excited for this to become an annual event - bringing music and the Gospel to their school neighbourhoods.

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