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The greater community of Los Alcarrizos was formed between the years 1970 and 1972. The president at that time, Joaquín Balaguer, developed great urban projects and ordered massive forced evictions in various neighbourhoods of Santo Domingo. Those people were relocated to this community. Then immigrants who came for different reasons were also integrated. The largest growth of population occurred in 1979 with the construction of “Los Barrancones” to respond to the victims who, following the passage of Hurricane David, were left without homes in different parts of Santo Domingo.

Renacer grew out of a summer Bible school that was given in the home of Mrs. Juana Maria Gomez in the year 1978 in response to a need of the community for a Christian education center which would give service at low cost. In September of the same year Nuevo Renacer (New Rebirth) was opened in her home by a young, motivated high school graduate named Alejandrina Peguero who began teaching the first and second grades of elementary school with an enrollment of 17 children.  Families were charged a fee of 2 pesos per student, of which the teacher took 25 pesos and the 9 remaining for Mrs. Gomez. The home was made of wood and cardboard.

In September of the year 1984, the school was assumed by the Christian Reformed Schools under the supervision of the missionary Gladys Brinks as coordinator,teacher Alejandrina Peguero and additional teachers Mr. Juan Santana and Catalina Vizcaino. Every year they added grades and employed new teachers until the pre-school and elementary levels were completed.

Currently, the enrollment is around 350 students and the school employs 28 educators and other support staff.

With praise to God they have seen how the center is growing in size and in quality, and witness with thankfulness the testimony of the parents and guardians of their children. This makes the staff at Renacer feel satisfied with the work that they are doing. To date, the center offers the full three levels (pre-school, elementary and high school). Their aim is to continue serving the community and to achieve the dream of offering technical education so that their graduates can obtain better skills preparation.

“To serve children in the present with comprehensive Christian education guarantees that we will have the best men and women who will serve their communities in the future.”

This school has undergone a fantastic transformation over the past years. It has gone from being a difficult, troublesome school to one of the highest-performing ones in the entire COCREF organization. Their very active principal, Lisbet, has played a large role in this transformation.

In this community there are no other Christian schools and the parents prefer Christian education for their children. One of the reasons this school is special is that they work with a Christian worldview which makes them more sensitive to the difficulties of their students. The staff is concerned about each one of them, not only the educational part but also in the emotional, familial and in all that they observe in which the student is involved, to congratulate them in positive aspects and to advise them in negative ones. They understand that what makes this school special is this rapport with the students and their families: teachers and friends at the same time.




Jun 5, 2015 at 1:34 pm

I was part of a team that worked at the school in April of this year. It was a humbling but awesome experience. Seeing the kids faces and remembering the guys that made up our team will be a memory to last a long time.

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