A School that is part of COCREF

Centro Educativo Ramon Reynoso is a Christian school in the Los Mameyes community of Santo Domingo East. Before being urbanized, the only things that were seen there were the mango planting and cattle farms; the cattle farms were jealously guarded by two soldiers on horseback called ‘old guard’ and kiclan. Only two small houses existed at large distances from each other; one was inhabited by a gentleman named Dionico and the other by an old man named Bartola – both were a kind of supervisor and mayor of the area.
The first residential occupation dates back to the first third of the 20th century, inhabited by the dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, who ordered the construction of the Los Mameyes neighbourhood as homes for low-ranked military personnel. The area is a hilly and rocky zone and therefore not a popular place for higher class residences.  Due to population growth, some people found themselves obligated to migrate to this part of the island, which had seemed uninhabitable due to the hills and rocks that were there.
The community still is generally people of low resources, workers of the free zones, chiriperos [occasional workers, handymen or labourers who take whatever jobs they can get].  There are many churches and many Christians who live in this community.
Centro Educativo Ramon Reynoso was founded in Los Mameyes in September of the year 1987 with the goal of offering quality Christian education at low cost to the poor population of the community. They began with the Pre-School and early Primary grades of elementary education, given by Betania Reynoso and supervised by the missionary Gladys Brinks. Each year grades were added and new teachers employed until the completion of full elementary level education, with trained Christian staff. In the 2008, the center obtained recognition from the Ministry of Education.
Since the beginning of this center they have always helped many poor families with scholarships [partial or tuition-free schooling] for their sons and daughters.  The school is well known in the community as a Christian school with qualified Christian staff and the parents recommend it to others. This school is one of the oldest founded in the community. Peace reigns between the teachers and all of the staff. One teacher graduated from the school herself and currently teaches mathematics there.

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