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Nicaragua Christian Academy (NCA) was founded in 1991 by three missionary families seeking a strong Christian education for their 7 children. NCA continued growing over the years and in February 2005 NCA realized its goal of offering a comparable education for Nicaragua's "middle class" through a new daughter school, NCA Nejapa.  NCA Nejapa was founded in February 2005, NCA Nejapa models the strengths of the mother school with two main differences. First, the daughter school uses Spanish as a primary language with English taught as a part of the core curriculum. Second, the tuition for the new school is approximately one-third of that of NCA in order to reach the middle class.  All of NCA Nejapa’s administration and teachers profess a personal relationship with Jesus. 

NCA Nejapa is authorized by the Nicaraguan Ministry of Education (MINED) to issue the "Bachillerato" to graduates who meet the criteria for the Central-America high school diploma.

NCA Nejapa’s mission is to equip children of Christian parents with the spiritual discernment, the moral courage and the academic excellence to impact society through Christian living motivated by a heartfelt love for God.

Nicaragua is in desperate need of moral leadership.  For hundreds of years, Nicaragua’s leaders have made decisions out of a desire for personal gain and have lacked moral integrity, commitment to social justice, and compassion toward their people, resulting in widespread poverty and corruption.  Many of NCA Nejapa’s students will be future leaders in their country.  Our vision is to give them hope and a resolution to make a difference in their country.  Until our leaders are committed to servant leadership based on God’s word, the economic situation of the poor in Nicaragua will not improve.

Sep 21, 2015 at 10:20 am

Dear Family of God the Father,

Greetings from Kenya Africa in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,hoping that all is well with you there you are.

First i thank our Lord for God for giving me such wonderful opportunity to go through your website where by i have found great things He is doing in your ministry i pray that God continue to use you more in this end time to more lost souls for Christ Jesus.Therefore am very much interested to join hands with you if you will accept our requests for Affiliation.

We are a young growing ministry that needs a mentor,in our ministry we care for the total orphan children,we train our people in order to make more disciples for Christ Jesus,we are a church planting ministry focused to reach more lost souls in rural & urban areas where God will send us to take His gospel.I please request you to partner with us through your prayers&i f your ministry is blessed with some Bibles,training Christian books for the children for Adult and youths or for church leaders training,and you have any helping articles for Evangelism , please you are welcome to send them to us they will be of great help to our ministry and God shall bless you.Our poster Address are 493 -Code 40502 Nyansiongo-Kenya East Africa,my mobile phone is +254729235530

Hope to hear from you soon please!

Yours in Christ Pastor mokua

Tim Bootsma
Sep 21, 2015 at 11:27 am

Thanks Pastor Mokua for your interest in EduDeo Ministries and for the work that you and your ministry are doing in Christ’s name in Kenya. While we would love to develop many new partnerships we have limited capacity to do so. Our primary focus for new partnerships is with already existing associations of Christian schools to walk along side of them to further develop educator leaders.


Tim Bootsma

EduDeo International Partnership Director

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