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Monte Hermón began because of the need for the community’s children and young people to learn how to read and write.

Pastor Daniel Aragon and his wife Darling came to the community of Cedro Galán to open a church called Luz de la Mañana Church (Light of the Morning). This church was particularly child-oriented from the start as was seen in the first service when out of 25 people who came to know the Lord Jesus Christ that day, 20 of them were children. When the Aragons began the process of discipling these children, they discovered that they could not read. The pastors, together with three volunteers from the community, began to teach literacy to about 42 students in the surrounding houses.

Pastor Aragon decided to donate a part of his family’s land to the school and, with a mission agency, began to build a school and hold classes in proper classrooms. They began with one building which was divided into four classrooms. After this, Pastor Aragon donated another piece of land that is on the other side of a natural channel that passes through the middle of all the property. On this land, they built six more classrooms and a library. Little by little, they have been extending and improving their infrastructure to provide a better learning environment for the students.

Monte Hermón continues to reach out to their surrounding community, specifically with regards to literacy. Four days a week, for two hours in the evening, the school is opened to teach literacy at an accelerated elementary school level to over 70 adults from the community. A number of Monte Hermón’s high school students volunteer, along with university students who run the program.

While Mount Hermón has monthly tuition fees, 80% of their students cannot afford to pay them. This school will exempt students whose families cannot afford the tuition because their “goal is to reach vulnerable populations and facilitate their personal development.”

Cynthia Spruell
Apr 11, 2017 at 1:53 pm

You all do God's work.

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