A School that is part of CCAP

Hoya Basic School was established on 25 July, 1955, by the church of central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP). It was later taken over by government after Independence. The school was then handed back to CCAP on 25th November 2003. Hoya Basic School is on average 7 to 8 kilometers from its neighboring schools. Most of grades to 1 to 7 pupils track a distance of about 4 kilometers to and from daily when coming to school.

Hoya Basic School serves about 517 students, in  5 classrooms.  The roof structures on another two classrooms have been damaged by high winds.  In the cramped classrooms there are also a shortage of teaching resource and even students desks.  While this might seem like some major needs for a single school the expressed major need for 2011 by the school was for clean drinking water close to the school.  The existing water point usually dried up during summer season which affected the weekly boarders (high school students) and teachers.  As result, the pupils often reported late for lessons as they had to walk some distance to get water from the next closest water point.

The community took responsibly for their situation and worked together to build a 3 bedroomed teacher’s house. Even without knowing where funds will come from to actually drill the well the community also put up some upfront materials (e.g. bricks, river sand and building sand) with the hope that someone would supply the money to have a well drilling rig come in to drill a proper well.  EduDeo was thankful to partner with this school through CCAP, to assist in the building of this well.  The Mutondo HANDS team (2011) raised funds for this project. As result, clean safe water is now available to Hoya Basic School by way of a drilled lined well with a single hand pump. 

“I’m glad to report to you that the funds sent for the borehole (lined well) at Hoya Basic school has really answered the cry of the school. It was the challenge the school has been facing for so many years, but final, by God’s grace, there is safe clean drinking water brought by a hand pump” says Philemon Ngoma a Program officer for CCAP.  The Deputy Head Teacher,  Kondwelani Banda adds “We write to thank you for the help you have rendered to Hoya Basic School for providing financial help to enable our school to have a hand pump. For this, we sincerely thank you as a school now has safe and clean water.  Indeed, a friend who provides the gift of life like safe water is worthy thanking. Your help for the protected well will go a long way in seeing that safe and clean water is provided to the school.”

Hoya Day Secondary School is now being separated from Hoya Basic School as result of new government rules. 

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