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Escuela Cristiana Kenneth Hanna is a small school located in a low-income neighborhood called Barrio Vista al Xolotlan in Managua. This barrio was settled in 1990 and the church was instituted there in 1994. It has since become a very densely populated area as it has attracted people living in material poverty from cities across the country. There has always been a high percentage of children and youth in the community. In this community the education level of the parents has always been very low, and until recently children often did not attend school because their parents didn’t have the resources to send them to school. In the past there was not a high level of value placed on education.

Kenneth Hanna school was established in 2002 by Central American Mission with the help of a missionary from the US. The original classrooms were built for Sunday school classes, but later church members suggested that the classrooms be used to start a school to teach children. This became a ministry of the church to share the Word of God and educate both children and parents. The school has seen enrollment go up and down, coinciding with the rise and fall of the economy. When the economy was difficult and parents lost their jobs, children were often sent to work on the streets to help provide for their families. The church continues to see the strategic possibilities of a Christian school as a place to make an impact in the community and make it free of illiteracy, delinquency, drugs and unemployment, all of which negatively affect the neighborhood. They are very convinced that discipleship training through a Biblical worldview within the curriculum will help bring students and families to learn about, and in turn, love God. The prayer then is that this will impact their relationships in a way that will encourage the practice of principles, truths and values of the Kingdom of God here on earth.

Maria del Carmen has been a teacher at the school since it opened in 2002 and has been the principal at Kenneth Hanna for the past 4 years. Her husband, Theodore, is the pastor of the church, which is on the same property as the school and which supports the school as it is able.

In 2014. an EduDeo HANDS team from Red Deer, Alberta, volunteered alongside our Nicaraguan workers and together built a library at the school. The library has had a great impact on the community, attracting children and their parents to the school. Enrollment at this primary school (pre-school through grade 6) increased from 146 students in 2014 to 260 students today. This was a wonderful blessing but it did create a strain on the current facilities. Maria made the decision to have Grade 1 in the afternoon and Grade 6 in the church.

Parents now see the great value in having their children attend Kenneth Hanna school. In the past year parents have even requested that Maria open a high school. They want their children to remain at this school after they graduate from Grade 6.

Maria took up the challenge and has since started the process to get a permit from the Ministry of Education to start a high school. Generally, the process of securing a permit can take 6 months but Kenneth Hanna was approved in only 2 months! The Ministry of Education was impressed by the teaching at the school, the facilities and especially the library. Maria believes the approval from the Ministry of Education was the result of prayer and the Lord’s guiding hand.

The staff at Kenneth Hanna receive monthly training from ACECEN, guiding them to teach the curriculum through the perspective of a Biblical worldview. Maria believes that the students and parents are key to bringing Christ to the community.

Maria's vision is that the education provided at the school will plant seeds of Christ’s grace and love into the lives of its students and parents, as the majority of the students are not from Christian homes.

The primary school has grown a lot in the past two years since the addition of the library and the expansion into high school will also require more classrooms. It is our prayer now that three more classrooms can be built to help Kenneth Hanna with its expansion into a high school. Even though funds are hard to come by in these communities, Kenneth Hanna has committed to raising enough funds to purchase the 100 desks that they will need for the new classrooms.

Back in 2014, the team from Red Deer was amazed at the commitment of Maria and her staff as she serves the Lord at this school ministry. Whenever we visit the school we are always amazed at Maria’s humility and the love she has for her students. We thank the Lord for her love and dedication in this community and it has been a joy to work and visit with her.

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