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Escuela Cristiana Ebenezer is in a very impoverished area of Diriamba, a community called Cruz de San Pedro (Saint Peter’s Cross), close to Managua in Nicaragua. The ratio of tuition paying versus tuition assistance students speaks for itself: there are about 100 tuition paying students, 30 students on scholarship, and 20 who just came in off the street on the first day of school. These 20 signed up without parents, although the principal and pastor have since met all of the parents. This school exists due to the grace and miraculous providence of God.  Elisa Salazar, the principal, shares the story of the miracle of the stones for their courtyard. The courtyard previously was dirt, which got very muddy when it rained. They collected enough funds for 300 paving stones, but needed 1000. They started laying anyway, and people got so excited that they ended up being able to supply all 1000 stones, plus extra to make a stage – this really was a miracle from God.

Education is not a priority in this area of Diriamba. There are gangs in the neighbourhood, and it is a dangerous area. Looking at the road the school is on – there are houses along the road, but behind these many people live in makeshift shacks. Many of the students’ parents work in the textile industry, or on coffee plantations. It is hard to raise funds or increase tuition because people don’t care about education; the goal of the school is to inspire families to have a better attitude toward education. This past year, of the 15 graduates, 13 went on to high school – which is testament to the fact that the inspiration is taking root. The principal feels that the inspiration has to be aimed at the students, however, because of the lack of parental interest in education.  Once they've been inspired, this will move on to the parents, and they will become more supportive of their children's education needs.

Escuela Cristiana Ebenezer was originally set up in 2003 by the pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church and his wife.  They saw the need in the Cruz de San Pedro community – there is another Christian school serving the area about 1 kilometer away, but the cost of tuition is much too high for many of the families in the community to even consider.  A small four classroom school was built at that time, and children were accepted to attend at a cost of about $1 per month.  The parents of the community were very thankful to have a school in the neighbourhood that had a vision to share Christian values and principles with their children.  Since 2011, the staff of Escuela Cristiana Ebenezer has been learning about Biblical worldview through ACECEN, and are committed to being agents of transformation in the lives of the children God is bringing to their school.

The school currently serves about 153 students from preschool to grade 6, 33 students whom are on tuition assistance because their families live in extreme poverty.  The staff consists of eight certified teachers who are learning and using modern teaching methods in the classroom (APA: Learn, Practice, Apply) and are being trained in Biblical worldview.  The staff desires to be agents of change to achieve an integral transformation of our students.  They desire to be recognized by their community as a leading authority regarding the integral development of the children and be known for excellence in preparing children to influence communities and churches. In Nicaraguan society, schools are formal institutions responsible for educating children, but the staff at Escuela Cristiana Ebenezer wants to go farther, pointing children to Jesus Christ to teach the truth and the path of salvation that leads to God.

Ebenezer faces physical issues, such as leaking roof and insufficient and poorly equipped bathrooms. The school is showing initiative in improvements of the library – renovated the room which serves as library, food storage, and principal’s office. The tile floor was created out of broken tiles brought in by students. Another miracle the principal shared was the fact that they have received food supplies from the government. Normally private and Christian schools do not receive this, but God worked in the heart of the local government representative to allow a supply of rice and beans to be given to the school. Families take turns cooking a simple lunch for the children and bringing it in. Families add ingredients to the rice and beans as they are able.

Finances are always a deep concern for Ebenezer. Currently the teachers are being paid $60 a month for morning or afternoon school, and it is difficult for the school to pay the teachers' insurance, which is a national requirement. Elisa and the pastor of their host church, Ebenezer Baptist Church, are very thankful for the continued dedication of their teachers, and the continued support and guidance of ACECEN.

Juana Rodriguez
Mar 28, 2014 at 10:05 pm

Amigos que el Señor lesbendiga y continue bendiciendo este ministerio , yo quiero pedirle que hagan la differencia en la vida de una Nina de diriamba, ya que Ella el ano que viene entrara a

Primer Grado y sus padres son muy pobre y no puede pagan una escuela , podrian ustedes ayudarla? Por favor se Los pido con el corazon ayudenla! Gracias por la ayuda que puedan bendarle que el Señor les bendiga Gracias.

Lennin Zamora
Apr 7, 2014 at 12:35 pm

Muchas gracias doña Juana por su comentario, voy a facilitarle a través de su correo electrónico la información de contacto de la directora de este centro para que pueda exponerle el caso de esta pequeña con más detalles.

Saludes y bendiciones

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