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Emusa Basic School is one of 26 CCAP mission schools and is in Lundazi District in the Eastern province of Zambia.  Its vision is to impart knowledge, skills and good morals to pupils and eradicate illiteracy.  Emusa Basic School was set up in the early 1950s as a primary school, including grades 1-7.  It was centrally set, surrounded by villages, and as the population of neighbouring communities grew, the demand for education at this school increased.  With the help of missionaries, the facilities were enlarged and the school upgraded to include a full secondary school with some dormitories for boarding students.  In 1997 a bill passed in Zambian Parliament requiring primary and secondary schools to operate separately.  The bill provided sponsorship of primary but not secondary education.  In 1999, Emusa Basic School was assigned a new Head Teacher, and a new school board was instituted.  The school now consists of grades 1-9, with 11 staff, 583 students, 7 classes, 2 administrative offices, 4 teachers' houses, 1 library, and 1 storeroom.

The strategic plan of Emusa Basic School has highlighted the need to upgrade its school infrastructure.  School building projects identified include the construction of several new classroom blocks as well as additional teachers’ housing.  However the primary need is to rehabilitate 3 classrooms, as well as the principal’s office, damaged by a wind storm and which have been condemned by the Zambian Ministry of Health (see pictures below). The community has come together to make approximately 70,000 bricks and have started donating other building supplies. The community has also agreed to require an extra fee from all grade 8 and 9 students to assist the school in buying teaching aids and assisting with other financial shortfalls.  CCAP is requesting $15,000 to purchase items beyond the capacity of the community to complete this primary project.   As this community pulls together, we have the privilege to assist them in fulfilling the vision God has given them.

Dec 10, 2018 at 8:42 am

I want to build a school for the less privileged in my community. I have so far managed to support a few females and males for primary teacher training in readiness for the programe. In addtion to that I have acquired land where to build the school. Now I am appealing for helping hands for the contruction of the school. I have a great passion to help the poor children in my community. It pains me when I see them walking long distances just to look for their education rights.I would you be in position to help or find a helper(sponsor) to construct this dream school which must come true. Yours faithfully, Silvester Sikela (Project coordinator, Lusaka, Zambia)

Dec 11, 2018 at 12:52 pm

It's so encouraging to hear of others that feel called and are passionate about advancing Christ centered education. Unfortunately EduDeo can't help everyone. Our primary focus in developing new partnerships is to work with groups or associations of Christian schools with a passion and commitment to grow in their understanding of how to make all aspects of their Christian School more transformational. Its an exciting time to participate with others in this movement of Christ centered education.

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