A School that is part of ACECEN

El Alfarero Christian School is located in Ciudad Sandino, to the east of Managua, Nicaragua. This town is known for its high illiteracy rate, gangs, and other social issues.  The majority of parents are employed in textile companies that only require low skills labor. For this reason, El Alfarero Christian School began to offer technical education relating to computing, cashier skills and accounting, offering high school and vocational training at the same time.  El Alfarero currently has 284 students enrolled from preschool to high school, as well as adult education on Saturdays.  All of the children from the supporting church, Alfarero International Church, attend this school. In addition, through scholarships, the school offers a transformational place to youth who are rehabilitating from a life of drugs, gangs and domestic violence.

The school's annual income, due to the economics of the community, only allows them to pay the administrative costs (teachers' wages and utilities). The school employs seven full time teachers, three part time teachers, and three vocational teachers. These teachers teach because of their love for the students and the church, earning a very minimal income of approximately $60/month. The school's desire is to improve the facilities to make the school more attractive to the community in order to increase the student enrollment. There are nine classrooms right now, three on the school property and six of them are on an adjacent property. The facilities on the original property consist of a computer lab, two classrooms, chapel, and computer lab.  The property adjacent, which they purchased a few years ago, has been improved by painting and reroofing. These improvements will help them to be able to better serve their current student population, but also in the future offer training for teachers, as well as a Bible institute.

El Alfarero Christian School has been part of ACECEN since 2010. Through ACECEN, the staff has received Biblical worldview training.  The pastor, Hipólito Mejía, founder of the school in 1996 together with principal Yvette (his wife), recognizes how his worldview has changed because of ACECEN biblical worldview training.  Hipólito is committed to the idea of achieving self-sustainability, but also keeping the education accessible to the low income family's students.  El Alfarero Christian School desires to be an institution that shares the good news of Jesus with children, youth and adults, transforming the neighbouring community with education in Christian values.  The supporting church, Alfarero International Church, believes that education is a ministry of the church and supports the work by providing leadership for devotional time, counseling, family visits, and financial scholarships.  This school did not start out as a Christian school, but rather became so as God transformed the hearts and minds of Hipólito and Yvette and others, causing them to see their need for him, and that true transformation of their community would not be possible without God being the centre. They see the hand of God at work in their community, and witness to the fact that God is the one who is bringing hope to their community.

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