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Colegio Emanus Asambleas De Dios began in the hearts of church leaders at La Hermosa.  They began by buying a piece of land.  Later, a North American missionary, Paul Boyer, came on behalf of Assemblies of God.  He started six classrooms, an office and bathrooms in March of 1995.  Unfortunately, Paul had a stroke and was unable to continue, leaving the project incomplete.

The school persevered, however, and in October 1995 the school received permission and began pre-school and primary classes in January of 1996. The next year, they added grades 7 and 8 and continued to add one each year until all high school grades were complete.

The student enrollment increased as the church talked to the parents about how important and life-changing a Christian education was.  They developed a school board comprised of the pastor, teachers and parents, and added some programs from the church, such as counselling and workshops about youth issues from a Christian perspective.

The school's mission is "to make disciples servants of Jesus who impact their communities as Agents of Transformation in the Kingdom of God."

Colegio Emanus Asambleas De Dios "has grown as the Lord has provided."  The school added two classrooms for preschool and library, remodeled the bathrooms, and built a computer lab and chemistry lab (which still needs equipment), as well as a basketball court. The schools six classrooms needed to be reinforced due to damage caused by Hurricane Mitch in October 1998.

The school feels blessed to be part of ACECEN, taking part in training and monthly follow up visits. "This is making us grow and see evidence of the quality of education in our school."

EduDeo HANDS Teams have helped the school by putting a roof over the existing basketball court so that it may to be used as a year-round, multi-purpose building for sports activities, school assemblies and community initiatives, as it is the only large sheltered area for some distance around.

This school used to be a model school for other neighbouring schools. In 2013, the school faced some problems as there was no follow-up done and there were some unfortunate changes, such as decreased enrollment, the Biblical worldview was not being well integrated, indiscipline increased as school performance decreased. It was discovered that a large number of students had received scholarships that did in fact have the resources to pay tuition through external support. Due to poor administration, the school began incurring debt, problems arose with the Ministry of Education as documents were not always ready when required and the communication with the teaching staff began to suffer. In 2015, the Board appointed a new principal who formed a school review, specifically looking at administrative operations. It wasn't long before the school was able to pay off many of its debts and once again became a school the community could be proud of and this is seen in the slowly increasing enrollment.

Currently, not all the teachers are Christians, thus meaning they are not familiar with the integration of Biblical worldview, but have begun participating in trainings and workshops that ACECEN has led.

Despite all of these issues, the school has exceled in different contests against other schools. In 2016, they won first place in the Math Contest and first place in a Science projectm both at the Municipal level. In the department level, the school received first place in the Chess contest, as well as in the 400m and 100m race. Furthermore, two of its' students are going to the United States to play baseball.

"Everything is going back to normal but there´s still a lot to do," says Marvin Gomez Gutiérrez the new Principal. We give thanks knowing this school is in God's hands.

Dolores Raquel Lopez Ramos
Oct 20, 2015 at 3:37 pm

Necesito saber que debo hacer para sacar un duplicado de mi titulo de un curso de farmacéutica que lleve en esta institución, me pueden enviar información al correo raquelz05491@gmail.com

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